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P-NO: Clyde's touch meme by Derekari P-NO: Clyde's touch meme by Derekari
[[ WV: Clyde ]]

edit 6/25/16 | updated the whole thing and finally added Masks


:bulletred: Really nice - but generally speaking only in hands of his lover.
:bulletorange: Pleasant. Go ahead, but if you're a friend, stay away from private areas.
:bulletyellow: Neutral zone. Do or don't, he doesn't mind.
:bulletblue: Uncomfortable. Will express it, but not harshly.
:bulletblack: Absolute no. Prepare to get bruises on your hand.


x Clyde is uneasy about his scars. If you want to play it safe, keep your hands away from them, no matter what version of him you're dealing with.
x With friends, Clyde is quite laid back with personal space. You could potentially sleep on him and he wouldn't mind.
x Surprise touches are still never welcome in any form. His reaction won't be pretty, no matter how close a friend you are.
x His neck is somewhat hazardous zone for those close to him. Touching it can turn either really good or really bad.


x Unsurprisingly Aldric isn't very touchy-feely person. While he doesn't necessarily get uncomfortable if friends get close, he would really prefer you to keep your distance.
x He doesn't really have any spots where he likes to be touched. Some spots are pleasant, sure, but it doesn't mean he wants your hand there.
x Aldric is instinctively protective of his midriff because his armor is the thinnest on that area. It's off-limits even to close friends.


x Legion's aversion to physical touch doesn't come so much from the fact that you're touching him, but the fact that you're getting close to his soul spiral.
x He is viciously protective of his souls so don't go poking his soul spiral lest you wanna sacrifice your hand.
x However, with friends, Legion has even less sense of personal space than Clyde. If you're considered part of his team, he's gonna stick to you like glue.
x Legion's ghost arms have little to no sense of touch. Generally speaking, he doesn't mind even if you draw your hands through them.


x In general, Caedet doesn't like touching or being touched. Even if a single layer of clothing blocks his life sapping ability 100%, he prefers to play it safe.
x The more Caedet likes you, the more hesitant he's going to be to be anywhere near you.
x Caedet is actually the most strict about personal space. To him, distance is his only way of controlling his life sapping ability; trampling that control is not a good move from anyone.

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Clyde & art (c) me
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I wanna pet him :c So annoyed I missed the deadline for this.
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