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P-NO: Clyde's heart chart by Derekari P-NO: Clyde's heart chart by Derekari
[[ WV: Clyde ]]

- Characters will be added after meeting for the first time
- The hearts displayed are a sum of opinions of Clyde and his Masked forms
- If Clyde doesn't know certain character's Masked identity, the Mask and opinions about it will be separated with // instead of |
- If Clyde has met a character who has several Masks, only the Masks he has met will be named

last updated 22nd Nov -17

[x] Jerónimo Valentino | "Solas" | "Illunis"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
"It's still hard to believe," Clyde says, voice silent and careful. "After everything we've been through... the last thing I expected was for us to become an item." A faint blush appears on Clyde's face and he rubs his neck. "I- I'm not sure what he sees in me. He's such a good person, and so are his Masks. I've done nothing to deserve someone like him by my side. And yet..." Although there's a trace of uncertaintly on Clyde's features, you can also see a clear, warm smile on his lips. When he speaks up again, his voice is calmer and stronger - happier. "He's always there for me, no matter what happens. It's incredible - he's incredible. He's helped me so much, I can only hope that I'll be able to give it back. He deserves it and worlds more."

[x] Victor Malakant | "Ripjaws" | "Nemesis"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
You barely get through saying Victor's name before unmasked anger flashes on Clyde's face and turns his gaze into a lethally cold glare. He looks just about ready to break your neck just for mentioning Victor in his presence. Backing away seems to be the healthiest option...

[x] Tatum Greene | "Salchow"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
"I don't trust her," Clyde states point-blank. "But she doesn't seem like a bad person." Oh-kay, so is the sum opinion of her positive or negative? You find it hard to tell, and it seems Clyde is rather indecisive about it too. "Tatum isn't bad company per se, and Salchow has shown she can do some good if she tries," he admits rather openly, but there is a clear shift in tone when he continues. "But that's if. Considering her overall attitude, I wouldn't see it impossible for her to sway to the opposite direction just as easily."

[x] Elsa Sharma | "Nausea" | "Muffy"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
"I wish she had gotten a better first impression of Kai," Clyde sighs, but his tone brightens when he continues. "I'm still grateful that she was willing to give Kai a second chance. The kindness she shows towards Pokémon is definitely a good trait." What about her Masks then? "I... cannot say her Masks have left such a good impression. Muffy is kind but careless, and Nausea-," an expression of distaste passes Clyde's face as he shakes his head. "I'd rather not meet either of them again." Ouch.

[x] Carol Wright // "The Earl" // "Aspen"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
"That insurance rep?" Clyde questions after a moment of pondering on who you're talking about. "I don't know him that well." But he does know him, so you ask how. "I've helped him a couple times," Clyde states simply. "That's all there's to it." // 'The Earl' doesn't seem to say anything to Clyde. Only after you clarify that it's a Frillish Mask does he seem to catch on. Still, he doesn't have much to say. "Aldric met him very briefly - and this 'Earl' didn't leave a good first impression." // Clyde looks troubled when you ask about Aspen. "The meeting could've gone better," he says. "But I'm not sure which one of us is to blame for it more."

[x] Nemo E. Swann | "Requiem"
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
There's a long pause and for a moment you wonder if Clyde is even going to answer anything. You try to read his expression, but the only thing you get out of it clearly is uncertainty and a lot of thoughts left unspoken. "Nemo is a good kid," he eventually states. Was there pain in his voice or did you just imagine it? You wait for some kind of elaboration, but it doesn't seem like Clyde is willing to give any. Hm. What about Requiem? A light frown appears on Clyde's face and he sighs. "I'm not sure what to think of him." Once again, hoping for elaboration seems to be fruitless.

[x] Garret Sheridan
Met Maskless: ✔ | Met Masked:
"I hope he's okay," Clyde mutters, looking slightly worried. "I'm not that familiar with him - we've met only once - but... well, from what I know, we seem to have something in common." Something? Clyde seems to ignore the question. "I'm glad I could help him," he says instead.

[x] Antonio Wallace // "Tsunami"
Met Maskless: ✘ | Met Masked:
Asking about Tsunami only gets you a confused look. Specifying that you're talking about a Mega Swampert swiftly turns the confusion to clear distaste, followed by what you interpret as a pained groan. Looks like you mentioned someone Clyde was hoping to forget. "He's incompetent, and what's worse, blind to it," he mutters, shaking his head. "He may be a White Veils member, but if he continues acting like he did, he's going to do more harm than good."

Clyde & art (c) me
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