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P-NO: Clyde Falk by Derekari P-NO: Clyde Falk by Derekari

[ Mask Holder ]

" Demons run when a good man goes to war. "

Steven Moffat


NAME Clyde Kasimir Falk
AGE 32
BIRTHDAY October 4th ( ♎ )

195 cm ~ 6’5”  
WEIGHT 105 kg ~ 231 lbs

White Veils

Opelucid City, Unova
OCCUPATION Storage worker


reliable | honest | protective | hard-working | tense | distant | guilt-ridden | black-and-white | apathetic

Man of a few words...
Frankly, Clyde isn’t the best at charming people. He doesn’t warm up easily to a conversation, and his chit-chatting skills could definitely use some work. It’s not that he’s rude or even bold - he does try to offer a good conversation whenever in one - he’s just horribly tense and his sense of humor is withered at best. Casual conversations are somewhat of a struggle to him and more fast-paced exchanges or being thrown into a big group of people can easily make him completely lock up. He’s at his best in a calm one-on-one, but even then it’s rather easy to see that casual conversing just doesn’t come naturally to him. Added the fact he has hard time letting people close to him, he often comes off as distant, if not even downright cold.

... but still a man of his word
Socializing might not be Clyde’s strongest feat, but what he lacks in verbal skills with people he makes up with reliability and strong will to help. You could call him at 3am from a bar and ask for a ride home, and he’d come without a single ill word. He’s always ready to lend a hand to anyone in need, no matter if it meant pushing his own needs aside for time being. At the end of the day, his actions speak much louder than his words do - but even if he might not speak much, when he does he always means what he says. Lies do not belong into his vocabulary, and any promises he gives, he will keep, come hell or high water.

Revenge? No, it’s called justice
One trait Clyde has always possessed is a strong sense of justice. He firmly believes that wrongdoings need to be remedied and that bad deeds should not go unpunished. If either doesn’t happen, he’s quick to seethe. While it drives him to help those who face injustice, it unfortunately also makes his worldview very black-and-white. His morals are very strict and his faith in second chances is feeble at best. In short, the viler you act, the less human you are in his eyes - until you’re not even a human anymore, but a monster that needs to be put down. There’s still no need to fear him getting physical, though, as he isn't the type to act out on his anger. His judgements can’t always be called rational, but he does know where the law and his limits lie - at least as a human.

In all honesty, dehumanizing wrongdoers is only one of many issues that followed Clyde home from the years he spent serving in the military. He suffers from a severe, untreated PTSD which has made adjusting back to normal life extremely difficult for him. He’s constantly haunted by memories he wishes to forget, but can’t. It can drag his mood all the way down to apathy which is mostly directed at himself. Guilt and shame are heavy burdens on his shoulders, crushing his self-esteem. He has very little care for his own well-being which only pushes him in deeper because he doesn’t want to burden others with his problems, rather choosing to hide them and struggle with them on his own.

I'll work it out
Clyde’s own way of dealing with his problems is mostly built on avoidance and distraction. It’s very rare to find him lazing around, as he prefers to keep himself busy and his mind preoccupied. He finds a sliver of solace in making himself useful which makes him an extremely hard-working individual who never leaves things half-done. If he’s trusted with a task, he will give it his best and nothing less. Although you could say he’s given up on himself, he refuses to give up on anything else and discouraging him isn’t easy. In the core, he still has his soldier’s fortitude which can be seen surfacing in the face of adversity. As long as the situation doesn't dig at his own buried problems, he can act as a steady and calming presence if you happen to need one.

LIKES pokemon, excercising, puzzles, countryside, schedules
DISLIKES action movies, large open spaces, pineapple on pizza, flying, surprises
FEARS sudden loud noises, loss of people close to him, thunder


tl;dr Relatively good childhood, enrolled into military, service was ended by a tragic accident, got discharged, life was a mess, found his first Mask.

Clyde’s childhood was fairly happy, save from his parents being away from home a lot due to their jobs. His father was a hard-working policeman and his mother was a doctor, both very career-oriented people – but when they were home, they made sure to give their child as much love as possible. His father did his share usually by telling him stories about fighting the crime, and little Clyde grew to love those stories. He idolized his father, and the work he did, and hoped that one day he could be a hero like his father was.

At first it seemed obvious that Clyde would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a police officer, but when the time came to pick a career, Clyde realized he could do even more. He could join the military, become a soldier and protect way more people than he could as a cop. In his head, it sounded like a perfect plan – and thus, he enrolled. His father was utmost proud of his son, while her mother, although also proud, carried her share of motherly worry. Clyde could only assure her everything would be fine.

In the beginning, it did seem like Clyde’s words would hold true. He passed his training with great scores, motivation burning bright, and had a well-trained Pokémon team by his side, most notably an Arcanine that had become his most trusted ‘mon. By all logic it looked like he was ready to face a real battlefield, and he thought so as well, being almost eager to get there. However, once he finally stepped on the battlefield, it didn’t take him long to realize he had been mistaken. In his head, he had seen a hero’s future - but what the harsh reality brought him was all the destruction and death the war left behind. It was a huge shock, and he was just two steps away from coming crumbling down before one of his leaders offered him a lifeline: “Sometimes to do some good you need to get your hands dirty.” Clyde clung on those words, probably even too tightly – but it was the only thing he could do to keep himself together.

Unfortunately, even it wasn’t enough when his team got caught in an explosion caused by an IED during a routine mission. They were just supposed to check their camp perimeters, walking in a line formation when the leading guy set off the bomb. The people closest to the bomb died right away, and rest suffered severe damage, save from Clyde and one other soldier who had been the farthest away from the bomb. They didn’t get away unharmed either, but they were the only ones still able to walk – and what even more important, to get help. Clyde was in a complete shock, and for a good while refused to leave his other team members to die alone, but the other soldier eventually managed to get through him and reason that if they didn’t get proper medical help from the base camp, their team mates would surely die.

Clyde and the other soldier managed to make it back to the camp, and a rescue team was sent for the others. Unfortunately, they were too late to save anyone. For Clyde, the news were devastating. He blamed himself for what had happened, thinking that if he had stayed behind, maybe the others had been able to survive until the rescue team got there. While he was still in the recovery, anytime there was an explosion nearby, it sent him into full-blown panic. Soon he got even more bad news – he had been deemed unfit for continuing his service, and once he had recovered enough to be sent back home, he would be discharged. Clyde was both horrified and ashamed – horrified for not being able to pay back for letting his friends die, and ashamed of letting them, and his father, down.

Once Clyde arrived home, his life became nothing short of a mess. He drifted from one job to other, barely managing to scrape enough money together to keep an apartment and stay alive. The only thing that kept him going was his Arcanine, Kaiser, that he had been allowed to keep – he didn’t even dare to contact his parents because he was too ashamed to tell he had been discharged. All he wanted to do was to find a way to redeem himself, but it was starting to feel like it would not be possible.

Then the natural disasters began showing up one after another, and Clyde’s life spiraled even more out of control. All the chaos left behind by the worsening calamities ripped open all the mental wounds that had barely even had time to start closing. For the last few days of the abnormalities, Clyde simply clutched on his Arcanine, curled up in the safest corner of his apartment, just waiting, desperately hoping, for it all to pass.

And then it finally did.

Once the peace had settled, Clyde was still far, far away from even considering looking outside – but Kaiser disagreed, starting to furiously claw at the door. At first Clyde refused, but his Arcanine kept at it, eventually going as far as pushing and nudging Clyde towards the door. Finally Clyde gave in, knowing Kaiser had a point in his behavior – Clyde had barely eaten for a couple days, and fresh air would probably be a welcome change too. Thus, he stuck to the Arcanine’s side and headed outside, planning to do a quick trip to the nearest store and get back as soon as possible.

Wanting to avoid major streets – namely, the people on them - for a while longer, Clyde decided to head through a shortcut path in nearby patch of woods. The path was, however, cut short by a crater. Clyde was quite ready to turn tails and return home, but then he noticed the small item that was apparently the cause of the crater. It was a Mask. He spent a good while just turning the item around in his hands, unsure what to think of it – up until he finally tried it on.

He finally found a way to redeem himself, to do some good like he had always intended.

When the calamities returned, Clyde trusted his first Mask to get himself through it - and also help others in need. Unfortunately, although the plan did start out well, in the end it came down to a crushing failure. Clyde's faith in his possibilities of redeeming himself, as well as his trust in his Aggron Mask, got badly shaken. The salvation came in the form of a second Mask - this time, a Spiritomb that quite literally came to him in the time of need. Not only did it grant him new powers that he could trust again, but with the 108 souls living in it, it also brought him some company he had dearly missed.

Due to a violent run-in with another Mask holder, Clyde's Arcanine got badly hurt and had to be hospitalized. Clyde refused to leave his companion's side to the point of not even leaving to eat until he was more or less forced to go out to get some food and fresh air. Reluctantly, Clyde went to aimlessly wander on the hospital's inner park until a familiar pull halted in his steps. Hidden under some thick bushes, he found an Yveltal Mask. At first, it felt like a slap on the face; he had lost so much to death already, and came close to losing Kai as well, and now he got the Mask of a 'mon stereotypically seen as the manifestation of death? However, then another thought flowed in - if he was to hold this power in his hands, would it mean that he would be able to protect others from it..?


Responds to his surname just as easily as to his first name. Blame military background.
Suffers from night terrors more frequently than he cares to admit
Startling him is easy but heavily discouraged.
Wears his dog tags 24/7, but keeps them under his clothes.
Hasn’t been in contact with his parents since he got discharged from military.
Is in a committed relationship with Jerónimo Valentino and lives in a shared apartment with him.

P O K É M O N  T E A M

PKMN team meme

Kaiser, ”Kai

ref sheet
Arcanine | male | Relaxed | Flash Fire
[ Normal ] Leer - [ Fire ] Fire Fang - [ Dark ] Crunch - [ Normal ] Extreme Speed

Pequeña, ”Becky
Mimikyu | female | Gentle | Disguise
[ Normal ] Double Team - [ Fairy ] - Baby-Doll Eyes - [ Ghost ] Nightmare (Egg move) - [ Normal ] Protect (TM)

[ Mask I - Aggron ]
" Aldric "

" May God have mercy for my enemies because I won't. "
George S. Patton

B A S I C S 

ALIAS Aldric

Aggron [ Steel/Rock ]
ABILITY  Sturdy ( Will remain with 1 HP if it was going to be knocked out by a move when at full Hit Points. )

Bold ( Defense + , Attack - )
CHARASTERISTIC  Capable of taking hits

Chest pin

[ Steel ] Iron Defense | The user hardens its body's surface like iron, sharply raising its Defense stat.
[ Steel ] Metal Burst | The user retaliates with much greater power against the target that last inflicted damage on it.
[ Rock ] Stealth Rock (Egg Move) | The user lays a trap of levitating stones around the opponent's team. The trap hurts opponents that switch into battle.
[ Fire ] Sacred Fire (Fire Tome) | The target is razed with a mystical fire of great intensity. This may also leave the target with a burn.

+ [ Normal ] Disable (Status Tome) | For several turns, this move prevents the foe from using the move it last used.
+ [ Rock ] Sandstorm (TM) | A five-turn sandstorm is summoned to hurt all combatants except the Rock, Ground, and Steel types.
+ [ Ground ] Earth Power (Move Tutor) | The user makes the ground under the target erupt with power. This may also lower the target's Sp. Def stat.
+ [ Ice ] Ice Beam (TM) | The target is struck with an icy-cold beam of energy. This may also leave the target frozen.

Immune to Poison || 1/2 damage from Ice, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Dragon and Fairy || 1/4 damage from Normal and Flying

4x damage from Fight and Ground || 2x damage from Water

Smooth Rock | Extends the duration of the move Sandstorm when used by the holder.

O T H E R 

Clyde is notably more aggressive as Aldric. Not a loose cannon, but definitely a keg of gun powder ready to go off. Aldric won't hold back when he faces injustice - he’s the judge, jury and executioner, and his vigilante justice can be rather blind and exceedingly vicious.
Aldric's skin is tougher and harder to break than that of a normal human’s. It's sort of like a natural armor.
Taller (211 cm ~ 6'11"), and notably heavier (140 kg ~ 309 lbs) than Clyde.
Seeing Aldric not naturally a Fire type, continous use of Sacred Fire will start burning him as well.

[ Mask II - Spiritomb ]
" Legion "

" If you want peace, prepare for war. "


B A S I C S 

ALIAS Legion

Spiritomb [ Ghost/Dark ]
ABILITY Pressure ( When this Pokémon is hit by a move, the opponent’s PP lowers by 2 rather than 1.)

Rash ( Sp. Attack +, Sp. Defense -)

Dog tags (the face mask is a decoy)

[ Ghost ] Confuse Ray | The target is exposed to a sinister ray that triggers confusion.
[ Ghost ] Curse | A move that works differently for the Ghost type than for all other types.
[ Bug ] Infestation (TM) | The target is infested and attacked for four to five turns. The target can't flee during this time.
[ Dark ] Dark Pulse | The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch. | STAB

+ [ Poison ] Toxic (TM) | A move that leaves the target badly poisoned. Its poison damage worsens every turn.
+ [ Ghost ] Shadow Sneak | The user extends its shadow and attacks the target from behind. This move always goes first. | STAB
+ [ Ghost ] Hex (with Spooky Tome) | This relentless attack does massive damage to a target affected by status problems.
+ [ Psychic ] Psychic (TM) | The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force. It may also reduce the target's Sp. Def stat.

Immune to Normal, Fight and Psychic || 1/2 damage from Poison

2x damage from Fairy

Binding Band | Increases the end of turn damage of partially trapping moves (Infestation) from 1/8 to 1/6 of the target's maximum HP.


Clyde becomes rather withdrawn as Legion, and getting in contact with him might be challenging at times.
Legion’s ghost-like arms can vary in density. The more he focuses on them, the more solid the arms become. If they’re in their non-solid, gaseous form, they cannot be touched and he cannot touch things with them either – though other Ghost types are exception to both of these rules.
It's possible, although rare, for the arms to not be visible at all.
While wearing the Mask, Clyde is able to hear and communicate with the 108 souls that the Spiritomb is made of. For the sake of clarifying, these 108 souls aren't the Soul of the Mask - they're just souls a Spiritomb naturally consists of.
As Legion, Clyde’s voice gets a ghost-like echo. Blame the 108 souls.
In case you're curious how he looks under the mask

[ Mask III - Yveltal ]
" Caedet "

" Fear of death follows from the fear of life.  A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. "
Mark Twain



ALIAS Caedet

Yveltal [ Dark/Flying ]
ABILITY  Dark Aura ( Powers up every Pokémon in play's Dark-type moves by 33.3% )

Calm ( Sp. Def +, Attack -)

Bracelet around left wrist

[ Dark] Dark Pulse | The user releases a horrible aura imbued with dark thoughts. It may also make the target flinch. | STAB
[ Flying ] Oblivion Wing | The user absorbs its target's HP. The user's HP is restored by over half of the damage taken by the target. | STAB
[ Flying ] Sky Drop (TM) | The user takes the target into the sky, then drops it during the next turn. The target cannot attack while in the sky. | STAB
[ Normal ] Disable | For four turns, this move prevents the target from using the move it last used.

Immune to Ground and Psychic || 1/2 damage from Grass, Ghost and Dark

2x damage from Electric, Ice, Rock and Fairy


Death has been a bogeyman in Clyde's closet for a long time - but as Caedet, he feels like he can finally get that bogeyman in a headlock. Yveltal is, after all, regarded as the manifestation of death itself. Due to this new feeling of empowerement, Caedet is generally more relaxed and outgoing than Clyde. It feels like he finally has some concrete control over his life, and he's enjoying that feeling at full.
Despite having wings, Caedet isn't capable of actual flight, only gliding. He can also use the wings to jump inhumanly high and drop from notable heights without injuries.
Due to being an Yveltal and knowing Oblivion Wing, Caedet possesses a natural ability of absorbing the life force of living creatures. However, he has no direct control over this ability - it's constantly on, whether he wanted it or not. Because of it, staying with him for an extended period of time (e.g. a whole day) may cause minor fatigue. Short interactions, on the other hand, rarely cause any sort of harm.
Direct skin contact gives Caedet's ability a boost which can lead to more severe consequences. The area of contact and the location of it matter greatly; the bigger the area is and the closer the it is to the target's heart, the more powerful the draining effect is and it can turn lethal if the contact isn't broken off quick enough. However, just one clothing layer - even if it's only a thin one - is enough to block the drain from happening, and even without the cover the ability has a tendency to fluctuate and it may not always work.
Life force absorbed via direct skini contact can restore Caedet's health slightly. Otherwise the absorbed life force works as sort of “fuel” for him; if he were to be completely separated from other living creatures, he'd slowly get weaker and more tired until eventually succumbing into a coma-like state until he'd get more energy. This would not lead to the Mask coming off, since he wouldn't be dead or otherwise damaged. It'd be more of an 'energy-saving mode'.
The maximum diameter of Caedet's ability is half a mile.

6th Aug -18: lookin' fresh Caedet
3rd Aug -17: aesthetic tweaks
15th Jun -17: personality update/rewrite
11th May -17: long overdue ref update for Aldric
6th Jan -17: new residence and a new flat mate
5th Dec -16: Clyde has found a Mimikyu
26th Sep -16: new app template
6th May -16: added 3rd Mask
6th Dec -15: happy independence day Finland new ref pic for Legion
5th Dece -15: new profile pic
8th Nov -15: added ref for Kai
16th Aug -15: 2nd Mask, new ref pic for Aldric

Aggron, Spiritomb, Yveltal / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Clyde & art (c) me
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