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Commission info (OPEN) by Derekari Commission info (OPEN) by Derekari


What will you draw?
Anything except topics that might get me legally or otherwise in trouble (e.g. paedophilia, hate art). I have my strong areas and my weak areas when it comes to drawing, but as long as you are willing to pay me for it, I'm willing to draw it.

What are your weak/strong points?
Strong points: men, anthros, pokemon
Weak points: plants, vehicles/machinery

Will you draw NSFW art?
Yes, but it will cost a little extra. Topic-wise, anything goes as long as it still cannot get me legally or otherwise in trouble.
If you're commissioning someone else's OC in an NSFW situation, I want to see proof that the OC's owner is okay with what you want to commission.
I can show you samples of my NSFW work if you want to see some before ordering.

What medium do you use?
Nowadays I generally do commissions digitally, but I used to do mixed media (traditional lineart + digital colors) in the past. If you're fond of my old style, just let me know - I can make it happen!

How big will the finished piece be?
My starting canvas is usually around 2000 x 2000. The final size of your commission will depend on the shape of the commission. If you want/need your commission to be a certain size, do tell me!
You will always get a full resolution version of your commission.

How long will it take?
It depends on how big your commission is and how many other commissions I have in queue before you. Once you place your order, I will give you a rough estimate of how long it'll take for me to finish the piece. I do promise to get your piece finished within a month from the payment.
If you’re commissioning a gift or something important that needs to be done before a certain date, tell me! I may charge a small rush fee if you need the piece within a week, but it has room for negotiation.

Will you post the commissioned pieces in your gallery?
I will hold on to the right to do so, but it doesn't mean I will be posting every commissioned piece in my gallery. If you don’t want your commission to be posted, let me know!

Can I post/use my commission elsewhere?
As long as it's not commercial use and you give me proper credit.


The preferred method is email: derekari [at] hotmail [dot] com
dA notes work too, they just aren't that reliable.
If you have my Skype and/or Discord, you can contact me there as well. I won't add anyone to Skype/Discord just for commissions, though.
If you have anything else to ask, fire away!

Send me a message with a title that clearly says that it's about a commission (e.g. plain “Commission”) and includes the details of what sort of commission you want.
Wait until I reply to you and either confirm or cancel the commission.

If you order anything more than a sketch, I will show you a WIP of the piece. That is your one chance to request any changes to be made.
If you come up with more changes later, I will apply them only for an added fee. The only exception to this rule is when the I've clearly done a mistake in something such as colored a commissioned character's eyes the wrong color.


Via Paypal (I accept both Euro and USD). I'll send you an invoice. DO NOT send payment before you get the invoice! Finnish people can also use bank transfer!
If your final commission price is 20€/$23 or less, I expect to be paid the full price up front.
When the price exceeds 20€/$23, I use half/half policy - half up front, half after I've shown you a WIP. You can of course pay the full price up front if you want to.
I won’t finish the piece before I've gotten the full payment.
I do not accept dA points for payment for regular commissions.


I am allowed to turn down a commission or cancel one at any given time. In case you have paid for your commission, you will of course get a full refund.
You are also allowed to cancel the commission at any given time. However, if I’ve already started working on it, you won’t be refunded the full price. Instead, I will refund the difference between the done work, and the full price. You will, of course, also get the non-finished piece.

❯❯ PRICES ❮❮

Note! I keep the right to up the price if a commissioned character is really complex

(you're free to choose the preferred style)

Headshot 4€ / $5
Waist-up 6€ / $7
Full body 8€ / $10

Monochrome flat colors for FREE!
Full color + 2e / $2
Shading + 1e / $1

Headshot 8€ / $9
Waist-up 10€ / $12
Full body 14€ / $16

Monochrome + 2€ / $2
Full color + 4e / $5
Shading + 4e / $5

Digital painting
(headshots only)

Detailed 25e / $30
"Sketch" 15e / $18

Gradient/single color for free!
Simple + 5€ / $6
Complex + 10€ / $12  and up

Extra characters
(must be in the same picture)

Headshot/bust – Normal prce
Waist-up – 20% off
Full body – 50% off

NSFW commisisons
Starting at + 5€ / $6

❯❯ SALES ❮❮

Double trouble
Order two pieces, get the cheaper one 50% off!

Ménage à trois
Order three pieces, get the cheapest one for FREE!

Finished commission pieces can be seen HERE !

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FefPex Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
is this open?
If so, i am confused on the monochrome flats. are they free free? cause thats all ican afford lmao(unless you might take the 5 points i have so i dont feel bad lmao) ndi really want a piece of yer art :)
Derekari Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017
It is open, yes!

And yes, monochrome flats are free-free - but they're an extra that is added to the base sketch which still has its own price. So, for example you can commission a sketch headshot for $5 and get monochrome flats on top of it for free.
FefPex Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
OOOHHHHHHkay that makes sense. Thank you!

Now if only i had the means of purchasing a commission from you haha.
Oh well, ill probably be back at some point with actual money or points lol

have a good life!!! <3
RosariaBec Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
So I saw Grumpy's journal before I saw this price sheet--if I commission something do I get to punch you in the face????
Derekari Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
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