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CD: You tried by Derekari CD: You tried by Derekari
:bulletblue: Lune - Halifax :bulletblue:

Gwen tapped the edge of her own glass, suppressing a chuckle - although it showed through her crooked grin nonetheless. “You’re going to have one hell of a hangover.”

The sniper’s only comment was a sideways glare that spelled ‘does it look like I give a fuck?’. Answering the unsaid question would’ve been words wasted for stating the obvious, so Gwen didn’t bother with it. Instead, she took a sip from her own drink, which was her third that night. If anyone was keeping tabs, that made her the paragon of sobriety compared to the dragon half-laying on the counter next to her. The Spiritomb was planning to keep it that way; as entertaining as Halifax’s company was, she still had her night guard duties to attend to that night. The Haxorus, on the other hand, had no such immediate responsibilities weighing him down, and he took full advantage of the fact by pouring more vodka down his throat from his bottle he had demanded the barkeep to leave on the counter.

“I washt’d a fhull fukin’ clip on th’fukin’ thing,” Hax growled for what was probably the thirtieth time that evening after he lowered the bottle. Although the drunken slurr tried its best to strip the dragon’s voice from its usual sharpness, the frustration in it was fighting for the edge tooth and nail. “A full fukin’ clip.”

“And it didn’t do anything,” the Spiritomb filled in the story, already familiar with it enough to recite it from word to word. Hax just groaned in response. Usually dealing with a drunkard stuck in the same verbal loop annoyed Gwen - and it wasn’t exactly enjoyable this time around either - but the story the Haxorus had told over and over again held information that was useful for her. Not only that, but the negative energy reeking off the dragon energized her enough to take off the worst edge of her own frustration over the very same matter that had driven Halifax into drinking way past his usual mark: the mysterious, black Mew.

The cat had appeared in the circus uninvited and somehow put the Darkrai in the lead of it all on edge enough to issue a kill order on the feline. It was moderately puzzling - the cat seemed harmless, old enough to die on its own soon enough without anyone speeding up the process - but an order was an order and Gwen knew better than to question it. Unfortunately, filling out this particular order turned out to be a challenge that seemed impossible to overcome despite her greatest efforts. Not even Infestation - a move that should’ve been super-effective on the psychic cat - held the pest down. By the sound of it, the sniper of the circus hadn’t been any more successful in his hunt - but just like in her case, it wasn’t due to lack of trying.

“I don’ missh, y’kno,” Halifax mumbled. “Dass th’hol fukin’ point.”

“You didn’t miss,” Gwen commented. “You hit it, the bullets were simply… ineffective.”

Hax groaned again, louder than before, voice both pained and angry. When Mr. Dark had given the execution order, the Haxorus had felt a spark of excitement for a moment. Sharpshooting cans and coins wasn’t a bad thing to live off on, but hunting was what he did - and enjoyed - the best. Granted, some cat wasn’t exactly a target comparable to what he usually shot down, but it was still a nice change. Or so he had thought. The dark feline had managed to elude his crosshairs for surprisingly long and while usually it might’ve made the hunt more interesting, this time the target was a goddamn old, fat cat. It shouldn’t have taken him so long tracking it down. Not only that, but a long hunt was only thrilling if the end of it was satisfactory; putting the cat’s pelt full of lead had been anything but. First of all, Hax shouldn’t have even had to pull the trigger more than once. Second, a cat old enough to look like it was going to fall apart shouldn’t have just shaken a full clip worth of bullets off its hide like they were pieces of litter stuck on its fur. The worst part of it all was that after everything, the fucking pest had just disappeared with a poof of black smoke like it was the prop of some fucking stage magician.

“Fukin’ voodoo bullshit!” the dragon growled, slamming his hand on the bar counter with a sudden burst of anger and making the numerous, empty shot glasses on it topple over and scatter around. One of them rolled over the counter and fell to its shattering death. Gwen saw the barkeep toss a glance their way and she shook her head, willing the ‘mon to stay at a distance. Fortunately, the ‘mon seemed to decide that the shattered shot glass was not worth getting involved with the angry drunk of a Haxorus. Pleased with the bar tender’s common sense, Gwen turned back to the sniper next to her, humor stripping from her grin as well.

“Couldn’t have put it better myself, Halifax,” she said with a lethal venom in her voice. “Couldn’t have put it better myself.”

words: 881

I just really really wanted to do this okay
Hax ain't usually this heavy a drinker but when things don't die when they're being shot at?
then we have an issue

also yes I did change Hax's eye color
he's now taking after his Salamence father

Spiritomb, Haxorus / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Gwen (c) Zap-Zap-Forever 
Hax & art (c) me

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HalloweenPanda Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel it's best to keep out of Hax's way for a bit.

Always a treat and amazing as always with perfect expressions
Derekari Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016
he surely ain't in his nicest mood right now, pfft

thank you!
xXRANDALXx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016
Go home Hax. Your drunk. (Great drawing) 
Derekari Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016
but he is home, technically speaking-

xXRANDALXx Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2016
no problem :D
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