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CD: Treasured by Derekari CD: Treasured by Derekari
:bulletyellow: Etoile - Kleon :bulletyellow:
For Arc Event IV, Act 1 - Lost In Time

The stiletto knife rested on the red silk it had been wrapped into, gleaming dimly in the limited light of Leonard's room. He was hesitant to pick the blade up - the last time he had done so, he had found memories that had slithered into his head and settled there as if it was where they had always belonged.

Memories of a fiancé, of a wedding-to-be.

Leonard didn't recognize either of those memories, and yet he couldn't banish them from his thoughts.

Another memory that persistently stuck in his mind was the carving on the knife's handle. Two ornate letters in gold; K and V. He still wasn't sure what the significance of those were, but he felt compelled to take a closer look. There was something about them that was calling out for him - reaching out, prompting him to take a hold.

And he did.

Leonard picked up the blade and with minor hesitation, brought it under his red gaze for further inspection. A gentle press flicked out the silvery blade which had been resting hidden inside the handle. The mechanism worked like magic - it was smooth, quick and soundless.

Important features if you needed a blade to protect yourself.

Leonard squinted. What... had that thought been? Why would've he needed a knife for protection? Well... actually, he could think up a few reasons. People weren't too accepting of 'mon like him. Not at his time, even less in the time he had been dragged to. He had discussed about the matter with his boyfriend, but... they had never decided to purchase or carry anything.

Then again, this stiletto knife was not a personal purchase - it was a gift. Leonard remembered it from earlier, but as a thought, it still felt odd. Who gave an Arceus forsaken stiletto knife as a gift to a groom-to-be?

"My child..."

Leonard froze as the soft, raspy voice drifted through his mind, scratching the walls as it went. It was so immensely familiar, addressing him in such a familial manner... But it wasn't the same voice that had encouraged Leonard to take the small Pidgey on his arm.

It wasn't his father speaking.

So, why did Leonard feel like this voice was somehow more important? More meaningful - something he wanted to hold on to. He felt drawn to it, as there was something about it that made him feel secure; and Arceus knew he could've used that right now, lost in this time that wasn't his own and walking in clothes that belonged to him but weren't his.

Leonard looked at the knife in his hand again.

"Use it well... Use it wisely..."

The blade was a tool for protection, wasn't it? Whoever had given it to Leonard had wanted to keep him safe. Through the mist in his head, the Marowark could make out shapes of reds and blacks. Stripes. Two glowing eyes - their color resembling that of ice, but the look in them warm, almost homely.

"My dear Kleon..."

A sudden gasp almost made Leonard loose his hold on the knife.

Kleon. The K of the carving on the knife.

His... his name. The one he had picked for himself after his old one had become too heavy a burden to carry. It signified a new start - a new lilfe.

A new him. Reinvented, rebuilt. Better than the last.

But he hadn't done it on his own. No, far from it... there had been a pair of strong arms that had picked him up from the gutter and lifted him back on his feet, offered support until he was able to walk again.

"Jaspar," Leonard breathed out. "Jaspar."

He clung on the name, repeating it to himself like a prayer.

Because to him, it held the power of one.

Words: 635

y'know what's a really good idea
making comics as last minute event submissions

also playing with knives, as it apparently can make you recall your real name-

Alolan Marowak / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Kleon & art (c) me
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