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CD: They're good dogs by Derekari CD: They're good dogs by Derekari
:bulletblue: Lune - Halifax :bulletblue:
For Arc Event IV, Act 1 - Lost In Time

In all honesty, the first time Heinrich had seen the two dogs, he had been startled. They both had unnerving appearances to say the least, and it wasn't only because neither of them looked like species he instantly recognized. One of them wore a metallic skull on its head, and the other one looked like a walking ill omen with its dark coloring and sombre smoke surrounding it.

Was it a surprise that he had yelled at them to get away from him? Probably not. Neither of them had listened, though. Even after multiple commands of leaving him the hell alone, they insisted on following him, although their motives seemed to differ. The one with the skull kept giving him the stink eye, while the other one wore a happy grin on its snout. At least Heinrich assumed it was happy. Hoped it was.

After a while, his nerves had calmed down enough for him to accept the dogs' presence. It allowed him to take a closer look at them, and came to a conclusion that they did bear resemblance to species he knew - Houndoom and Lycanroc - many of their features were simply off. He wasn't sure what to make of it - were they some special kind of shiny 'mon? He had no idea, just like he had no idea why they were so keen on following him around. It would've make sense if they had belonged to him, but he had no memory of ever getting such... creatures.

That was, until he spotted close to identical brandings on their shoulders.

It was the letter H.

His first reaction was a grimace. Who in the Arceus' name branded their pets? He was pretty sure it was considered as animal abuse, not to mention illegal. You weren't supposed to mark living beings like that, ferals or not.

Your belongings, on the other hand...

Heinrich shook his head. What was he thinking? Pets weren't items you owned - even if he wasn't personally that fond of ferals, even he knew that much. And yet... those brandings were his marks, weren't they? His handiwork.

These dogs were his.

Luger and Parabellum.

Named after guns, and just like his actual rifle, the dogs were also top quality. Well-trained for their individual purposes. Luger was a guard dog - disciplined and blindly loyal, capable of striking fast and hard at command. Parabellum, on the other hand, had been given a bit more leash - its main purposes were just intimidation and observation, after all. Both of them had gotten a finishing touch with the magical help of Type-Swap Berries. It explained their abnormal looks.

Heinrich crouched down next to the dogs, running his hands down both of their necks, now eyeing them not with apprehension, but a sense of pride.

He had done good work with them.

They were good tools.

Words: 473

oh, Heinrich, if you judge brandings, be happy you don't remember what happened to that one Zangoose-

Lycanroc, Spiritomb, Houndoom / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Halifax and his tools dogs & art (c) me

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