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CD: Take a shot by Derekari CD: Take a shot by Derekari
:bulletblue: Lune - Halifax :bulletblue:
For Arc Event IV, Act 1 - Lost In Time

The unruly Meowth boy who had decided to take a sprint into the shooting area was quickly grabbed and reprimanded by his parents. "What in Arceus' name were you thinking, Jonas?!" the mother's shrill and sharp voice could be heard as the family walked away, dragging the boy away with them. "You could've gotten shot! You could've died!"

Heinrich stood frozen in his place, staring at the rifle in his hands. The mother had no idea how right she was.

When the boy's head had popped in the crosshairs, Heinrich's finger had itched to pull the trigger. It would've been such an easy headshot; even if the kid was running, the distance was laughably short and a bullet would've easily outrun him. One shot, and the loudmouthed brat would've silenced for good. Easy kill, easy score.

Such a tempting idea.

Heinrich wanted to believe there had been more than just his shock about his thoughts that had stopped him from pulling the trigger. What what he thinking?! Unruly or not, he couldn't just shoot a kid to shut them up!

He couldn't... but would he, given the chance?

Why, definitely.

It wouldn't be the first bullet he had put into someone's brain, now, would it? Not the first time there was a head of another 'mon in the crosshairs when he had pulled the trigger. What was there to get so worked up about it?

Heinrich shook his head; he couldn't be seriously thinking this. There was a lot to get worked up about Giratina-damned cold-blooded murder!

But... it hadn't stopped him before, had it? It hadn't stopped him from pulling that trigger countless of times in the past. He had shot many 'mon without a hitch - why would the next time be any different? Well, save from the fact that this would be work pro bono, where usually he was promised a hefty sum for his services.

The rifle Heinrich was holding burned his hands like red hot iron. No, that... that couldn't be right. He didn't shoot people, especially not for money! He wasn't a murderer, for Arceus' sake! He worked to put 'mon like that behind bars!

He wasn't...

Heinrich wasn't.

But he wasn't Heinrich, was he?

He was Halifax.

It still didn't make him a murderer, though. Sure, he shoot 'mon for money - but he was simply offering unconventional services to other 'mon.

There was nothing to be ashamed of about that, now, was there?

Words: 409

whether he wanted it or not, Heinrich remembered his old profession as a hitman

Spiritomb / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Halifax, art (c) me

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