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CD: Kleon's personality scale by Derekari CD: Kleon's personality scale by Derekari
:bulletyellow: Etoile - Kleon :bulletyellow:

Active/Lazy: He's been spoiled rotten and thanks to that, he's used to not having to do almost anything himself. Unless it's something he enjoys doing, if he's given a task to do he'll usually only do the bare minimum to pass.

Attractive/Ugly: Well he definitely ain't too bad to look at - and he knows it and carries himself like it.

Brave/Cowardly: He'll turn tail almost immediately when things start looking bad. If you want to get rid of him, just threaten to punch him in the face and he'll be gone in a second.

Caring/Cruel: He is extremely self-centered person. While he may offer to help you in a pinch, he will also expect to be repaid later - and if it's the two of you running away from a hungry Ursaring, he's the guy to trips you over to get away himself.

Charismatic/Awkward: Not only does he love social interactions, he knows his way with words in an exemplary manner. He has no muscle, so he's learned to use words as his weapons and defense.

Social/Antisocial: He pretty much lives off attention and social interactions.

Confident/Uncertain:  As long as you don't bring up battling, he's got solid faith in himself and his abilities.

Dominant/Submissive: Not strongly either or. Depending on the company he's in, he can tip a bit to either side, but overall he's firmly in the middle.

Friendly/Cold: Friendliness is what brings him positive attention, so friendliness is what he aims for - but it's still only a facade.

Humble/Arrogant: He's got the highest horse of them all and he'll happily ride over you with it.

Honest/Liar: In general, he says what he thinks will work the best for him - and quite often, a few lies smoothen things up considerably.

Intelligent/Stupid: He's quite well-read but could use some more street smarts.

Leader/Follower: Thanks to his past, he's more used to following around than taking lead himself. This isn't to say that he'll jump to just anyone's orders, though.

Patient/Impatient: More on the patient side, especially when it comes to working with other 'mon.

Strong/Weak: He has no battle experience whatsoever and could use more meat and fat on his bones.

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Suicune / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Kleon & art (c) me
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