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CD: Kleon Vogel by Derekari CD: Kleon Vogel by Derekari

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NAME Kleon P. Vogel


AGE 27
BIRHTDAY August 2nd ( ♋ )

HEIGHT 174 cm ~ 5'8"
64 kg ~ 141 lbs



Kleon has a flock of various bird ferals - a Honchkrow, four Murkrows, a Dodrio and a shiny Braviary - that he has trained to perform several tricks. The Honchkrow and the Murkrows do formation flying, the Dodrio performs tricks on the ground such as balancing items on its beak and the Braviary does more flashy tricks such as flying through burning hoops and fetching things tossed in the air. Kleon often utilizes his move set to make the show more visually stunning.


"You could start by healing me!"

Kleon's wish was relatively simple; he just wanted some fresh, painful wounds to be healed. The wounds did heal and even the pain went a way. Unfortunately, the latter returned just a moment later, only in a very different form.

The regeneration process that healed Kleon's wounds got out of hand. In a way, his damaged tissues became too healthy and just continued to grow. The results could've been described as a rapid onset cancer - tumor-like growths taking over his body and causing excruciating pain.

Inside the circus
Agreeing to stay under Mr. Dark's employement put a stop on the backfire and also erased the damage it had done so far. Were Kleon to try leaving, the wickedly fast cancer would set off again, bringing pain and eventually death if he didn't return to the circus fast enough.


social | persistent | confident | positive | pushy | self-absorbed | judgemental | mistrustful

Social Butterfree
Kleon is one of those 'mon who seem to bloom in social interactions. Getting a bad first impression of him is a rather rare occurrence for he knows his way with words and wields a charming smile effortlessly. At times it may seem like he breathes conversations; long periods of silence can quickly make him uncomfortable and make his pleasant front falter. If he's in the company of someone who's not as eager to converse as he is, Kleon can come off as very pushy, even confrontational. Your silence can very potentially be taken as a challenge instead of a cue to walk away.

Me, myself and I
Although Kleon can give off a benevolent vibe due to his general good behavior, calling him an altruistic 'mon would be a severe misfire. In the core of it all, the Suicune's world revolves around nobody else but himself. He's spent a major slice of life being admired and it has left a mark. He craves attention more than anything and it is the driving force behind his social outerior; in short, his good behavior stems from the fact that it usually brings him positive attention. He's willing to keep trying quite long before accepting that someone won't provide him what he wants. Once that happens, it will result in him dropping the good graces. He rarely gets outright rude, but you'll be met with an indifferent, dismissive treatment. If you're not there to give him what he wants, what good are you?

Get on my level
The admiration Kleon has received in the past did not only leave behind a craving for more, but also built up his confidence into a rather solid wall. He thinks highly of himself and his skills, and honestly believes he deserves the attention he's after. Unless you manage to land a solid punch below the belt, Kleon easily laughs off any attempts at insulting him - if you belittle him, you're clearly just either blind, stupid or both. In the same cue, he's not the best at receiving criticism. Even if he may not lash out at you, you can bet he will forget what you said the moment you close your mouth. He is slightly more receptive of 'mon who he deems to be on the same level as him, though, but getting onto that level is not easy. In general, Kleon has a bad habit of judging books by their covers. If you're from a low class background - or, say, from Atelier - he probably doesn't have high expectations of you.

What do you mean 'no'?
It's rare to see Kleon in a sour mood. He prefers to look at positives instead of negatives and generally comes off as easygoing. Part of it probably stems from his core nature, but another part comes from the truth that he's not used to handling negative emotions. Save from a couple major breaks, he's lived off quite an easy life and is used to everything playing in his favor. When things suddenly go against him in a greater scale and he finds himself angry or sad, he isn't honestly sure what to do with himself. His anger usually manifests in tense smiles and silence, eventually evolving into grudges he holds onto way too tightly. Feeling down usually makes him just shut off because he doesn't really know how to seek comfort.

Sticks and stones...
Where words rarely manage to wound Kleon, physical violence works tenfold on him. He's nothing short of terrified of being hurt physically and if his pushy nature starts getting on your nerves, the sure-fire way to get him back off is to lay a simple threat of violence. Kleon has roughly zero experience in fighting and his pain tolerance is ridiculously low, so he'll rather run - and run fast - than try his chances in a battle. Definitely more bark than bite, he's smart enough to not pick fights he cannot win.

Trust is for fools
For a 'mon that seeks interactions as eagerly as Kleon does, you might expect him to value relationships greatly, but that's where you would be wrong. Past experiences have carved it in Kleon's backbone that relationships - no matter what sort - are only temporary, and often based on somehow profiting from the other person. He is far from willing and even capable of putting trust on another 'mon ever again and sticks to trusting himself and himself only. While he may be willing to lend you a helping hand if it looks like it'll pay him off well enough, you might be best off not putting your greatest trust on him.

Likes red wine, silk, string instrument music, seafood, high places, feathers
Dislikes powerful 'mon, untidy surroundings, wet clothes, exertion, introverts, watermelon


Home town Violet City, Johto
Family ✦ Father (Feraligatr), mother (Suicune), two older brothers (Suicune)

Kleon - born under the name Leonard Caelestis Kendall - was a part of a high-class family of reputable feral bird 'mon breeders and trainers. Leonard, along with his two older brothers, was trained in handling the birds from a young age. Although his father could get pretty demanding at points, all in all Leonard's life was great. As the youngest of the three brothers, he always got a bit extra love and attention and socializing with other 'mon came to him with ease. He was known to be friends with almost all other kids in the tightly knit web of high class families inside Violet City. His best friend, though, was a Swanna named Erik. In fact, the two boys became so close that it even started pulling their families closer to each other. From Leonard's point of view, it was only great - it meant he got to spent even more time with his best friend!

The greatness of it, however, took a turn to worse when the boys matured and Leonard realized he felt something more towards Erik than just friendship, something that he absolutely shouldn't have felt - love. Knowing it was absolutely unheard of, it horrified him beyond belief. So, he did his best to shove the feelings aside and deny their existence. It worked for a time, but then came the day when Erik pulled him to a side, claiming he had something important to tell. Since they were such close friends and their families had grown really close as well, Erik had a proposition to make.

"I'd be honored if you married my little sister."

Luckily for Leonard, his shocked silence was taken as a positive sign by Erik. After the Suicune got over the ache of his broken heart, he managed to agree. Honestly, he didn't want to, but he knew it was expected of him - and if it made Erik happy, maybe it was the best bet Leonard could ever get? However, as the marriage day started to draw closer and the reality of it dawned upon the Suicune, he started to panic. Although he tried to keep himself in check, it became quickly apparent to everyone that he was acting strange. Most laughed it off as usual anxiety before marriage, but Erik decided to confront Leonard. The Suicune, against better judgement, spilled out his heart and confessed his true feelings. At that point he wasn't even hoping for his feelings to be reciprocated - he only hoped for some understanding.

He didn't get any of it.

Erik was nothing short of disgusted of the truth, and didn't only let Leonard know it in very foul words, but also went on to out the Suicune to both of their families. In less than a day, Leonard found himself thrown out of his own home and chased out of the city by death threats from Erik's family. He was shocked, broken and terrified - having lived his whole life in the security of high class life, he had absolutely no idea how to survive living on the streets. It didn't take long before death started to look like a promising future; Leonard waited for it to come and pick him away.

That was when an Yveltal man found him.

The stranger seemed shocked to find another legendary 'mon in such a poor condition and offered to take him in. Leonard was confused by the Yveltal's kindness, but agreed to it nonetheless - after all, what did he have to lose? Thus, the Suicune followed the Yveltal, Jaspar, to his estate and found out he wasn't the only unfortunate 'mon the man had taken under his wing. Leonard, however, got soon pulled aside from the rest. While the other 'mon lived under just sufficient conditions, the Suicune found himself being treated like a gem. He wasn't only offered a new name, education and plenty of material gifts, but also showered in praises. Jaspar kept telling him that he deserved only the best of the world and that the Yveltal would always provide it. Over the years, the Suicune - who now had taken the name Kleon - got comfortable with his new life and even got somewhat over the ghosts of his past. He even dared to ask the Yveltal to get him some feral bird 'mon to train because he honestly missed that part of his old life.

However, there was something very wrong with Jaspar. Kleon kept seeing 'mon coming in and then leaving, never to be heard of again. He didn't pay much attention to it, but over the time he caught on that whenever a 'mon disappeared, the Yveltal had extra cash in his hands. The Suicune decided to turn a blind eye to it - illegal business or not, he didn't feel up to caring about it. The Yveltal had, after all, saved his life. The Suicune owed the man that much. Kleon just never thought that a day would come when he would be exchanged for cash - but then one day he found himself taken to a city unfamiliar to him and left to a family he didn't know. As if it wasn't confusing and shocking enough, he was told that he was there to marry the family's daughter, a Gardevoir. Apparently the young lady had proven a great problem when it came to marriage to the point that her mother had decided to basically get a made-to-order groom for her. Just like that, Kleon heard his past coming knocking on his door.

Fortunately, as eager as the Gardevoir's family was to get their daughter on the altar, they were still considerate enough to give the couple some time to know each other. Once the duo was left alone, it quickly became clear that neither of them were thrilled about the situation they had been forced in. From that point onwards, their one-on-one time turned into plotting a way out of it. The Gardevoir's family kept them both on a tight leash, so to buy time and an ounce of trust, whenever the two were in front of the family they played along the marriage plan, pretending to grow closer to each other over the next couple months. The mother was nothing short of delighted and swallowed the con hook, line and sinker - and once the Gardevoir proposed that she and Kleon would go to an outing together, her mother believed it was the final step before her daughter was ready to say 'yes' when it mattered. She sent the couple off with a generous amount of money and told them to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Once they got back, everything would've been set ready for them to finally marry.

However, the couple never planned to go back - or at least Kleon didn't. As soon as the couple got out of the town, the Gardevoir handed all of the money over to the Suicune and told him to book it. Kleon did just that and the Gardevoir returned home, feigning heartbreak over her groom-to-be betraying her and stealing her money. Of course the Gardevoir's mother tried sending police after the 'thief' but Kleon had a good head start and the Gardevoir helped along by pointing the officers to the wrong direction. Obviously she was just too disdraught to remember right! Thus, while the police scrambled in one direction, Kleon was heading to the exact opposite, namely towards the city where he had lived with Jaspar. The Suicune had high hopes that he'd be able to find the Yveltal and go back to living with him. Unfortunately, once he got to the right address, he found the place abandoned. It didn't dishearten him too greatly; he had learned that Jaspar had multiple apartments under his name and that he changed his living space often. Kleon knew of most of those places, so it was just a matter of going to the next place until he found him, right?

That was where Kleon was wrong.

Every place he went, he faced the same scene - an empty house and no trace of the Yveltal. What started as hope soon deteriorated into a mix of anger and panic. Traveling around was quickly burning away the money given to him and Kleon had no idea what to do once all of it was gone. His motivation for finding Jaspar started shifting from returning to live with him to bitter retribution. Why had Jaspar abandoned the Suicune? It went against everything that had been promised to him! The Yveltal had been supposed to be there to take care of Kleon - and yet, there he was, once again roaming the streets without a place to go and soon with no money in his hands. What was he supposed to do?!

An answer came to him when he came across a poster advertising a circus. Those places often had feral 'mon tamers, right? Kleon still had one of his birds and his highly honed skills with him - maybe he could land a job? While working didn't sound too tempting an option to the Suicune, it was obviously better than ending up living on the streets again. Besides, he did enjoy training birds - so maybe being paid and getting a roof over his head for it wouldn't be too horrible a fate. Circuses also tended to travel around, so he might also still have a chance to track down and find Jaspar eventually. All things considered, it seemed at least worth a shot and so Kleon headed to the circus. Once there, he set to finding the ringmaster-

Not paying enough attention to his surroundings, Kleon collided with an Altaria woman harshly enough to make her fall over. Before the Suicune had time to grasp what had happened, the lady's husband, a Zapdos, was shoving him on the chest, demanding to know what the hell he thought he was doing. Kleon, not used to being treated in such a way, did the wrong choice of lashing out verbally and returning the gesture instead of apologizing. The Zapdos did not take kindly to his attitude and replied with more ire which threw Kleon off the loop even more, making him spat out words that were really ill-placed and only threw gasoline in the fire. The back-and-forth got quickly out of hand, resulting in the Zapdos launching himself at the Suicune and giving him a painful lesson about type disadvantages with a serving of Thunder before the circus' security stepped in and pulled the Zapdos off Kleon. With no battle experience whatsoever, the attack had done a good number on the Suicune; he was barely conscious and blinded with pain when he was carried to the circus' infarmary. He didn't even register a dark figure stepping next to him before he heard words spoken to him.

"How awful that something like this happened in my circus. Tell me, my good man, is there anything I can do to make it better for you?"

Kleon, anything but thinking straight, spat out: "You could start by healing me!"

He just wanted the horrid pain to go away - and miraculously enough, after just a few seconds, he did feel it leaving his body. As his mind cleared, he realized he was looking at a finely dressed Darkrai. Kleon opened his mouth to thank for whatever the man had done to heal him, but then he suddenly felt a sharp jolt of pain shooting up his arm. Looking down, the Suicune's expression quickly turned horrified as he saw his skin stretched by rapidly growing tumor-like growths. He cried out from pain and shock, demanding to know what was happening. The Darkrai's explanation was rather simple - either Kleon agreed to work for him or let the tumors kill him.

Needless to say, Kleon chose life.


ABILITY Levitate | By floating in the air, the Pokémon receives full immunity to all Ground-type moves.1
STRENGTHS ✦ Fire, Water, Ice, Steel (x1/2)
Electric, Grass (x2)


[ Flying ] Tail Wind | The user whips up a turbulent whirlwind that ups the Speed of all party Pokémon for four turns.
[ Ice ] Mist | The user cloaks its body with a white mist that prevents any of its stats from being cut for five turns.
[ Ice ] Aurora Beam  | The target is hit with a rainbow-colored beam. This may also lower the target's Attack stat.
[ Ice ] Blizzard (TM2) |  A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the opposing team. It may also freeze them solid.

1 Achieved with a Greater Ability Tonic.
2 While Suicune learns Blizzard without TM, Kleon, without good battle experience, cheated his way into it by buying a TM.

Aurora Beam / Blizzard ➡ Subzero Slammer | The user dramatically drops the temperature using its Z-Power and freezes the target with full force.
Mist ➡ Z-Mist | Restores HP


Ambidexterous, prefers right hand
Rather skilled at playing darts
Kleon can control the movements of his tail ribbons, but most of the time they flow around freely or react to instinctive stimuli (e.g. move according to his mood).
His Braviary is actually one of the birds he got from Jaspar; he carried it with him in an apricorn after their ways parted. Rest of the bird ferals he got from the circus.
Kleon has been in the circus for roughly a year and he's used the time to train his new birds for performing.
Reference for the wing pattern on Kleon's vest.



Gender Female
Pokémon Furfrou ✩ ( type-swapped Flying )
Ability Fur Coat
[Flying] - Acrobatics [Flying] - Aerial Ace [Dark] - Dark Pulse (TM) [Normal] - Protect (TM)

Sovereign, "Gian"

Gender Male
Pokémon  Dartrix
Ability Overgrow
[ Grass ] Leafage [ Grass ] Synthesis [ Ghost ] Astonish [ Ghost ] Confuse Ray (Egg move)

1st Feb -18 : switched ability with Greater Ability Tonic
2nd Jan -18 : pet Eevee swapped to pet Furfrou
3rd Aug -17 : Z-crystal, aesthetic tweaks
3rd Dec -16 : The pet Rufflet got switched to a Dartrix
5thnd Nov -16 : Kleon got a pet Rufflet
2nd May -16 : Kleon got a pet Eevee

Suicune / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Kleon & art (c) me
app template
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