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CD: It's written on your face by Derekari CD: It's written on your face by Derekari
:bulletblue: Lune - Halifax :bulletblue:
For Arc Event IV, Act 1 - Lost In Time


The name on the security badge haunted Heinrich, ghost pun not inteded. The more he thought about it, the harder it was to return to using Heinrich.

To being Heinrich.

It was starting to become painstakingly clear that the Spiritomb wasn't who he thought he was. Instead of Heinrich Gideon, he was this... Halifax person. A Haxorus with two weird as hell dogs and past as a sniper in the military - at least according to Heinrich's current knowledge.

It didn't make any sense, but at the same time, it felt like puzzle pieces were steadily locking into their places.

He needed to know more, needed to know who this Halifax person was so he could know who he was. Thus, Heinrich had gone to his room to rummage through his - or what he assumed to be his - personal belongings in hopes that they would give him some answers.

Well, he did find an answer. Just one he didn't know he even was looking for.

An old newspaper clipping spoke of series of gas explosions that had torn a good chunk of Goldenrod apart decades ago. Whole city blocks were leveled and the estimated number of victims was high enough to make his blood run cold.

Or rather, it should've been.

If he had heard such a news back in the break room of his police station, he would've poured his coffee down the drain. As he read over the article, however, he didn't find himself thinking of all the lives that had been lost. Instead, there was only one life in his mind - and that was his own.

He barely noticed his fingers tracing the birth mark on the right side of his face; tracing the scar the explosion had left behind after it had torn away a piece of his tusk and charred his armor.

But he had survived.

All those people had bit the dust, but no him.

Oh, not him.

The world would need to try a little bit harder to take Halifax out of the game.

Words: 341

look who's being a good detective and actually doing some background searches, geez

Spiritomb / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Halifax, art (c) me

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stargazingdreamer Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017

Your character Halifax, has come one step closer to discovering their true identity and earned one point to their memory tracker! 

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Foxikel Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Can I just say I'm in love the framing and color of this comic just mmmMMMM the old feel aesthetic combined with the subtle glitchy last panel good sth ok sign f2u 
Derekari Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017
aahh thank you!! I struggled with the last panel 5ever so I'm happy it turned out fine-
ERA-7 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
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