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CD: Hoo are you by Derekari CD: Hoo are you by Derekari
:bulletyellow: Etoile - Kleon :bulletyellow:
For Arc Event IV, Act 1 - Lost In Time

Leonard stared at the Dartrix deep in thought. He recognized the bird - he was fairly sure it belonged to him - but the name of it kept dancing on the tip of his tongue, refusing to come out. Eventually, he gave up with a sigh, and simply extended his arm for the bird.

"Would you mind going on a little walk with me?"

The Dartrix said nothing, just looked at Leonard in a way that gave of a strong judgemental vibe. Still, after a moment of contemplation, the owl complied to Leonard's request and hopped on his arm, gripping on the leather glove covering it with its talons to secure itself. Once Leonard was sure the bird was sitting comfortably, he headed out to the cooling night air.

He wanted to take a little walk - but not to a bar this time. He was still shaking off the killer hangover he had gotten after his last trip. Thus, he'd stick to the circus grounds tonight - and the Dartrix on his arm felt like perfect company.

"I've always liked birds, you know," Leonard mused, voice low. "It's weird - there just is something about them that makes me happy. I find them really beautiful - and you're obviously no exception."

The Dartrix gave a soft 'hoo' of agreement.

"Never would've believed I'd find myself handling a proper flock of them in a circus one day," Leonard continued. "I'm still not even sure how I know how to do what I do. I've never handled birds before - and yet, when I woke up here, it all came to me naturally. As if I had been born with the skills or-"

Leonard stopped on his tracks as a sudden memory flashed in his mind. A Pidgey was sitting on the arm of a warmly smiling Feraligatr man. Despite the formidable look and size of the man, there was a warm smile on his face that made Leonard feel calm despite the tight knot his stomach had pulled itself into.

'Here you go, just like I taught you - no need to be afraid.'

The next thing Leonard knew, the Pidgey was sitting on his arm, looking up to him with lively, dark eyes. Leonard smiled at it, and the bird chirped at him.

'Look at you! I knew you'd be a natural, son.'


This... had been a family business. He had grown up with birds, learned how to handle them almost as soon as he had learned to walk. He, and his two older brothers.

But that made no sense- that wasn't the family Leonard had. First of all, he had no brothers. Secondly... the faces he remembered belonged to two Suicune. He couldn't be related to them - he was an Alolan Marowak! And yet...

Remembering their smiling faces struck stakes through his heart.


Words: 469

trust me Leonard, you don't want an answer to that question-
but hooray for remembering your family biz

Alolan Marowak / Pokémon (c) Nintendo
Kleon & art (c) me
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Such a beautiful man.
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These pun titles are killing me. Why you tortur me with lovely art then puns!
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it's hoo I am panda
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