Today is the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Dere+Shop!!! For those of you who don't know, Dere+Shop is a clothing brand with the goal of furthering Akiba-kei culture in fashion.

As we've been hinting to, with the grand opening of Dere+Shop comes free clothing and discounted stuff!! Here is how it works:

Prize::: We will be giving away 1 free shirt on each of these accounts- Dere+Shop facebook, DereProject facebook, @DereShops twitter, and @DereProject twitter! Each one you comment on increases your chances of winning ^_^ We will also be giving away many 10% off coupons depending on how many people comment!

How to enter::: If you're reading this, you're almost officially part of the contest! Just make sure to comment on any of the aforementioned social accounts so that we know you're interested and can contact you if you win. If you're more into twitter, comment there as well or retweet!

When::: The contest will run from Today (1/21) for 5 days until (1/26)

Spread the word! This is not required, but make sure to tell your friends if you love the shop and the designs! If you follow the Dere+Shop page or twitter, you'll also be able to catch updates on new designs or special promotions <3

We hope you'll go check it out!

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Dere+Project Mega Contest!

Wed Nov 4, 2015, 10:59 AM by air-nya:iconair-nya:

Click to see contest entries!

This is the first official Dere★Project art contest!

To kick off this momentous occasion, we will be offering many prizes. Read the Prizes section for more information.

Update: 09/11/2015
Some of you have been asking about personalities and backstories... well, rejoice! I am proud to present the official contest character descriptions~ The personalities and backstories are very length and detailed for most of the characters, but you are not required to read through it all! This is for those of you who want to create or illustrate scenarios that are more in line with the main storyline.

Update: 09/13/2015
I see that you guys have started to submit entries - they all look great so I can already tell that judging will be hard! I can't express how happy I am that the contest is progressing smoothly ^_^ It's very exciting to see your takes on the 4 personalities!!

Important notice: I have been receiving a lot of messages about the tight competition deadline and the fact that school has started. In order to allow everyone more time to exercise their creative potential, the deadline has been extended. The contest deadline has been extended by 2 weeks, to 10/26/2015!!

Update: 09/23/2015
More donated prizes have been added! Thank you all~

Update: 10/03/2015
More and more people have started to submit entries! They're looking good, and I can already see it will be hard for us to pick the winners. Keep them coming!! ^_^ <3

Update: 10/07/2015
There are less than 3 weeks left, so make sure you get started early enough! The contest deadline is 10/26/2015. Happy drawing~

Update: 10/12/2015
WOW there are already over 50 entries! As promised, the prizepool has been updated! The top prize is now $70 with 2nd place not too far behind~ I'm hoping we can reach 100 entries to increase the prize pool even more ^_^

Update: 10/19/2015
Only 1 week left!!!

Update: 10/25/2015
We are so close to the deadline!!! To clarify the exact end of the contest, it will be October 26, 11:59PM PST [Pacific/Los Angeles, USA time] ALTHOUGH there certainly will be a short grace period so don't worry if you miss it by a tiny amount ^_^ I AM SO EXCITED, I WONDER IF WE CAN REACH 100 ENTRIES~

Update: 10/26/2015
In our final moments we have surpassed 100 entries to this contest!!! Of course, this means that the cash prizes have been upgraded :) Only an hour left (+24hr grace period) ^_^

Update: 10/27/2015
Hello everyone! So the contest is officially over, but there is still a 24hr grace period for final touchups and anybody who may have overslept. Over the next week, I will be getting in touch with the other judges and will post updates here. Because of the amount of entries, the entire judging process may take 1 to 2 weeks! So stay tuned :)

Update: 11/2/2015
A small update! The judges have just put in their final decisions and we just need to finish up with some loose ends (like deciding on runner-ups). Expect to hear the final results in the next day or two!!!! SOOO EXCITING, RIGHT? ^_^

Update: 11/4/2015
After a long week of judging, the winners and runnerups have been chosen!!!!

I would like to preface this by first saying that everyone here did well. The love you put forth for the Dere girls was amazing, and the ongoing dedication just stuns me. Regardless of you placing in this contest or not, you have done great and I will give feedback to every single one of you (although it may take awhile to comment on >100 entries >_<)

At Dere Project, we want to facilitate the spread of moe and otaku culture. Anybody who shares this ideal is welcome with open arms to join the movement! Whether it be new ideas or fanart, please join us~

Now for the results... *drumroll please*

#1 Place

Bloodlust by rinachin !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! <3 This piece was almost unanimously chosen for placement :)

This entry portrays Yuukin's yandere personality in a very subtle, yet powerful way. It probably took a lot of guts to OMIT a weapon and leave it to the imagination of the viewer instead, but it truly adds to the piece in every respect.

Besides the pose, there are many other small details that all add up and show a deep level of thought when creating this. Her facial expression is just perfect- if you look more closely at her face, that are a billion different emotions being shown at the same time. The angle of her lower eyelid combined with a darker pink suggests not only a 'crazy gonna kill u' girl, but also one with an inner self. An inner self that is sad, suffering, and possibly even crying. Her lips are pursed on her right side, adding the sense that she is holding her inner self back.

But from a far, 100 meter view, she is perfectly composed. Her hair golden and flowy, simply standing in a perfectly lit classroom. This juxtaposition is exactly what 'gap moe' is all about :')

#2 Place

Kuudere - Reishi Miwa by Wiki234 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! <3 <3 You should be proud of your work :)

This particular entry is really amazing for a few different reasons- The main reason is the spot-on portrayal of Reishi's personality. Commonly, 'kuudere' is seen as simply someone who is cold on the outside and is a queen like figure, but what many people don't realize is that there is a 'dere' part to the 'kuu'. The artist here really looked into Reishi's backstory and pulled out the core defining value that makes here kuudere in the first place.

Showing her inner 'dere' in a shattered ice mirror may seem like a canned thing, but the execution is breathtaking. Many of the typical elements are there, but none of them are overwhelming or overdone. The colors are soft, yet her gaze is harsh. The fluffy robe tips you off that the scene is cold, but Reishi is unfazed. Again, I see so much thought put into this piece it just blows me away.


Reishi Miwa by KiiroiKat

Dere Project by Harutaka

Dreaming Dandere by Izunichi

Yuukin Aikyou by Fuumeh

Yuukin Aikyou by TsuToori

Cold princess by Sayuui

Kiho by Sehyen

Hidden by lemonberriie

To all of these runner-up winners, I thought long and hard about what to reward you with and came up with something which some people may like! You will have the chance to influence one of our weekly 4koma manga!! You may either have yourself or your original character be featured in a 4koma, and/or you are allowed to decide what the 4koma is actually about~ (of course, within reason as long as it makes sense in the DereProject universe)

To rinachin and Wiki234, I will get in contact with you personally in a day or so. But first, enjoy the glory ^_^

And to everyone else who entered, please look at eachother's art and give feedback! As a community, we are always striving to improve and you're not doing your best unless you use every chance you get :)

Until next time <3

Backstories here!


Draw one or more of the Dere★Project girls. Drawing more does not guarantee that you'll place in the contest. Focus on quality vs. quantity! Check Dere Deck! for graphics on the girl's personality types! Read here for backstories!


You may submit a maximum of 2 entries Any submissions exceeding this amount will NOT count towards the competition.


Submit all entries to this group under the folder Contest 1. If you do not have a deviantArt account, submit your entries through the email with the subject line Contest 1 and we will post it into the folder for you.


ANYONE can enter the contest! There's no need to ask! You do NOT need to be a member of the group in order to enter, but it is recommended.


And, last but not least, make sure to SHARE to increase the prize pool! The more entries, the bigger the prize for the top choices!


The main criteria for judging is how well you show off the girls' particular personalities. Make sure to keep the girls in character! The personalities are


Any medium may be used. This includes, but is not limited to traditional art, watercolor, copics/pen, digital artwork, etc.


You may draw the girls in any different clothing, in any pose, doing anything or even post more abstract work. Seeing them in other outfits would be really exciting! But don't feel pressured to do this - you will not be penalized for any design choices you make.


NO HENTAI ARTWORK ALLOWED! But ecchi, violence, and other categories are OK

Here is a list of our wonderful judges! These artists were critical to the start of Dere+Project and have once again lent their time to it. They deserve all the thanks they can get!


Here is a list of our generous donators! Each one of these people have contributed to the cause to make this one of the greatest contests here, so make sure to thank them


Here is a list of our beloved sponsors! Each sponsor has helped us greatly in spreading the word and enabling us to reach this point. Please check them out!


1st Place

Prizepool: $100

Winner's Package from AnotherContestGroup
● Feature on group page Dere-Project
● Feature, :+fav: from air-nya
● Waist-up + simple BG commission from Zearmy
● Sketch commission from sachixakechi
● A halfbody commission, two headshots, or two chibis from MonarchNika
● A fullbody commission with simple bg from gggdw
● A halfbody commission from Jellymii
● A chibi commission from Crystalbunny05
● Full Body commission + Chibi Pixel Art (Animated) from AiRiNKuRiSu
● Commission from hanakizu
● 200 :points: donation from Madam-Mannal

2nd Place

Prizepool: $50

● Feature on group page Dere-Project
● Feature, :+fav: from air-nya
● Headshot commission from Zearmy
● A headshot commission or two chibis from MonarchNika
● A bust-up commission from gggdw
● A chibi commission from Jellymii
● Head Shot commission + Chibi Pixel Art (Not Animated) from AiRiNKuRiSu
● 40 :points: donation from ayomie

If you would like to contribute to the prizes, please contact me privately through the group

Contest ends on 10/26/2015! All submissions must be in by then, although if there is enough interest we may extend the deadline to allow more submissions!

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About Us

Tue Dec 2, 2014, 11:12 AM by air-nya:iconair-nya:
Dere★Project! Bringing Dere to the world!

Our 4 original characters-

Kiho Hiryuu the Tsundere
Reishi Miwa the Kuudere
Yuukin Aikyou the Yandere
Yukie Uchiya the Dandere

If you're into anime, manga, or just like cute girls then check us out and share with your friends! We need all of the support we can get :) And feel free to shoot us a message (or fanart) <3


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