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HALO Kitty

Something that just popped into my head one day and screamed “Do me!” so I had to do it! To truly enjoy this picture you should have seen/experienced the awesome video/computer game HALO (tm) and the classic world famous little Japanese cat called Hello Kitty (tm). Get it? HALO Kitty? Bwahahahahahahaaah!!! (Laugh, damn you! Or go out and buy the game and a Hello Kitty T-shirt, you…you mangy uncultivated barbarians!). Bungie (tm) will never forgive me for this, but it IS intended as a tribute to the creators of my favorite game (HALO 2 will rule the world!!!). Wort-wort!
Oh yeah. The image size is 1024x768 and will work great as a wallpaper! Use it! I know you want to! Go on! Do it! :)
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Just found this and freakin' luv it!
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Death.... It now comes in adorable (maniacal laughter)
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MC:the fuck are you?
MC:........lets go.
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That is so me since I've been playing Halo obsessively now; and since I represent the cat. So I am Halo Kitty too! >:3
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Funny....overload!.......Explosion......iminant!! BOOM!!!

Awsome! :+fav:
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too adorably amusing not to fav! XD
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This is too cute.
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Can she withstand the Covenant?
Let's all buy the new HALO 4; Kitty Adventures!
New characters include a Hunter Bunny, Grunt-like frog(s), turtle Elites and Kitten Jackals!

Omg; I've got to get this game, but it comes out in
September 2020. :(
I'm not patient at all. D:
should say at the bottom
dogs beware
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lolololol I love it!!!
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i love hallo kitty and halo :D <3
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Lmfao, it's Master KITTY! :+fav:
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you bastard look wate youv done god no the cats
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I am not starting a flame war, but I have done Halo Kitty some time ago. It has been done many times since... In some ways it is the one thing I am least proud of. People flock to my DevArt page to write "LOL OMG !!!!11" all day; not caring about the other crap I have done.

Enjoy this curse; you page count will increase substantially, but you will ever be known for this.
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Sorry bud, but hello kitty and master chief is owned by nobody accept their true creaters. It is a fan art that has been shown many times, so you cant truly say the idea was yours or anybody elses.
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very well drawn, but i think the U.N.S.C.D.F wouldn't be too happy about their best soldier being represented by a cuddly kitten...
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oh gawd. Cute! Nice drawn and everything
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