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Bad Deal - Act 18

A certain centauress has paid a fleshmage to do a bit of magic tinkering...

You've all been thinking it! "What if the female faux knight was turned into a centauress?"
Well, here you go. Ignore the fluffy framing. This is real! This is happening! Or is it..? ;3
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AzabacheSilver's avatar

The Horse Head probably would still get a boyfriend. Have you ever felt a horse's nose? It's super soft.

Bluegirl123456's avatar

The stallion is just a head

cullyferg2010's avatar
Well, the centauress is going to be having a great time with the faux knight cum centaur!
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
I don’t suppose you were necessarily using the Latin conjunction there, were you.
This is Hilarious! LoL!
LordInuYasha211's avatar
u could have just said night-mare and it would have also made a good horse pun lol
Nyerguds's avatar
"shortest straw", lol... guess he does't have any 'straw' left at all =p

I'm reminded of a XXXenophile comic where there was a curse that turned someone into a centaur, which could not be undone, but which could be transferred. In the end they 'got rid' of it by transferring it to a horse, and they got a six-legged horse xD
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Dungeons & Dragons have its fair share of weird monsters-but a horsehead with two human legs is Little to weird. Or is it?
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
the fleshmage will return to fix or ... enhance their doings... aaand.... true her horse was a stallion so... oooh godness!!! perhaps you cnat show what could happen next ... and the horse? the fleshmage will return to help the poor creature now with human legs and no.... hehehehehee 
DerangedMeowMeow's avatar
What you suggest is a very Fleshmagie thing to do. Leave the customer satisfied yet in an over time  increasingly awkward position, then return to help rectify it with further alterations...for the right price of course. ;3
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
oooh yes we have a deep plot here! continue master you ever do it so great!
Mavraster's avatar
Well, this suddenly escalated!

Poor horse, though!  Good thing that it's a nightmare!
DerangedMeowMeow's avatar
I guess that's what happens when a fleshmage arrives at the scene. All things weird, creepy and crazy is suddenly made possible. For the right price and only for a limited time. "So act now! Regret it later!" - Fleshmage slogan

And yes, you're quite right. The horse IS a night-MARE now. ;3
What do you call him (her?) now? Reverse centaur? :P
Naughty-b-Nature's avatar
And reconsidering this image, I found two tiny elements missing from it.  Sherlock Holmes Could it be that this is a fairy tale? From one of your up-to-no-goodies? Heart 
You get sleepy from hard work, you know? Although I must admit they missed a spot...

The fairy who dealt with the Leprechaun lady could see this as a possible solution to keep her centauress and eh... the former lady knight happy? 
MercenaryX's avatar
Oh my, someone is groupie dreaming, I just know it! Can we see the fleshmage in other works soon?
DerangedMeowMeow's avatar
Are you implying that this is too good (or bad) to be true?! Mmmmaybe..! ;3

The fleshmage seems like a character that could appear again selling her services in other situations. Creepy like a necromancer, but not really evil per se... :3
MercenaryX's avatar
I can see her selling new limbs, skin grafting, reproductive organs replacement surgery or enhancements.
zwartekraai's avatar
Did the fairies not shave off most of that girls bush ?
DerangedMeowMeow's avatar
They probably just did enough trimming to be sure they could get away with it, without risk of being accused of obviously selling off the hair for profit.
The faux knight might not know of their dealings for shinies, but the centauresses surely does. They don't want to get tail swatted again, you know! :3
Bad Temper - Act 8 (It's a TAIL SWAT dammit!) 
Naughty-b-Nature's avatar
Oh, those possibilities! Enhance 2 extra hands on that "horse" and the orgy can start! Wink/Razz  I don´t think it´s a bad deal after all.
But that fluff? Can´t leave a job to those fairies... They could´ve earned WAY more shinies to start with.

A flesh mage, huh? Stare  Where can I donate some eh, ... overflowing equipment?
DerangedMeowMeow's avatar
You don't call yourself Naughty-b-Nature for nothing! :LK-grin:

Fairies are expert on fluffy things! Could also be a spell of obscurity to hide the transformation ritual! Or gnome ninjas puffing out Pipe Smoke of Concealment all over the place! ;3

Donate? No-no-no..! You're paying for all treatments. Fleshmages are in the shady transformation business. They don't work for free! :trenchcoatnoid: 
Naughty-b-Nature's avatar
Right! EVIL Laughter! Because being naughty inspires...

Hmm, so flying menaces multiplied with cuteness, multiplied with up to no goodies and adding fluff...
That´s THE idea: I should marry a fairy! Or a demoness! > Perfect match <

Oh, I´ll pay for it alright! I´ll donate something extra. Some, eh... surplus equipment that I´d like to be shrunk... Blush 
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