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Yes, it's about time, right?
So, what is this all about? Well, you are as usual supposed to illustrate a picture with any kind of medium, but you're only allowed to use a specific set of colours. This means it's a challenge that simply can't be done without just that - colours - so no writing. Sorry.

This is your palette.

Use these colours freely. You are allowed to mix and blend them however you like, paint/draw with different opacity and so on, but do not add any other colours. If you can match the colours and crochet something with them, it's of course prefectly fine too!

Good luck!

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FreyrStrongart's avatar
oh god... using those colors! Definitely going to be a warrior kind of image :p
E-Bru-Bilder's avatar
Was genau meinen sie damit?
FreyrStrongart's avatar
dass du ein bild erstellen sollst welches nur die vier farben der palette enthält. Die Palette ist im link
E-Bru-Bilder's avatar
Die Farben schreien nach Bollywood! ;)
FreyrStrongart's avatar
lol... dann weisst du ja wie die herausforderung lösen
E-Bru-Bilder's avatar
oder was fällt Dir zu den Garben ein?
FreyrStrongart's avatar
noch nichts konkretes aber ich habe da so eine idee... irgend was absurdes.
E-Bru-Bilder's avatar
Ich bin gespannt!
FreyrStrongart's avatar
I think of something else. But no black or white... going to be difficult
Dunderhonung's avatar
Yup :D I really wanted to try this, so of course I needed a challenge, right?
kittenwylde's avatar
Man, that's hard core... I'll give it a shot.
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