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Remember that classical image of a Tolkien-style elf? You know, elegant, a bit snobbish, beautiful, refined. In perfect balance with nature. Would rather remain quiet than be loud, always respects the norms and rules.

Now let's take that refined elf family and pick one rebel who became a metalhead. Joined (or founded) a proper metal band, grew his hair to be able to headbang, loves electric guitars and can be loud as hell. Maybe add some tattoos? Some piercings? Change his attire to pure black with chains?

This challenge is to picture an elf as a proper metal musician. You decide what kind, symphonic metal or death metal. You decide the entourage. Write a story about how he got there. Or make a picture of him on the stage. Or maybe a render of him among his other metal friends. All up to you!

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I'm sure I have a hair metal Sarovanya drawing around here somewhere.  Hmm...  When I'm done playing with my current Final Fantasy render I have to do one with my elves!