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This group was born due to many journal challenges that have been organized by its founders. Since if you do journal challenges you can only do one challenge at a time, we decided to make a group to be able to create a folder for every challenge and do many of them simultaneously.

We have many different crazy challenges with different themes. All art forms are welcome. The more the merrier! :D
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Feb 22, 2016


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Art Creation

49 Members
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Rules and FAQ

Please read those rules first:

1. No bashing or hate comments allowed, please be polite and respectful.

2. No racist, religious or ideologically sensitive content.

3. No DA TOS violation. That specifically concerns nudes and erotic art, please mark your mature artworks accordingly with a mature content filter and don't submit any pornographic content.

4. All submitted work must be yours. Please don't submit anyone else's work, whether or not you have their permission to do so. But you're always welcome to invite them to join the group instead.

5. Please submit into appropriate folders and stick to the specific challenge rules. Honest mistakes are allowed, but continuous failing of categorizing your art or submission of unrelated deviations will not be tolerated.


Can any one join this group?
Practically yes. The only requirement we have is that you have at least one deviation in your gallery. This is to filter out empty spam accounts. If you don't have any deviations yet, you can always watch the group instead. We'll be happy to welcome you as a member once you have posted your first artwork.

What artforms are accepted?
Basically any visual artform is ok. Digital Art, Traditional Art, Photography, you name it. As long as it fits the challenge theme, you're good to go. Writers might have some problems to participate, since some challenges specifically ask for a visual submission. But if you stick around long enough, I'm sure there will be writer-friendly challenges as well.

Can I submit to more than one challenge?
Yes, you can. Moreover, it's highly encouraged to participate in as many challenges as possible.

How do I submit my entry for a challenge?
Every challenge has an appropriate folder where you can submit your entries. Just click on the gallery on top of the group page and you can find the proper folder on the left. Also, a link to the folder is provided in the challenge journal.

I found a folder with a challenge that sounds nice. I want to join. Where do I find the info about that challenge?
Every challenge has a folder and a journal entry with rules explained. If you missed the journal, you can find it in our journal history below (look at the Recent Journal Entries tab). The titles of the matching journal and folder will be the same.

How many submissions are allowed per challenge?
That depends on the challenge. Usually there is no restriction, but we advice to read the rules for the challenge in question first. You can find the rules in the journal of the challenge. If no restriction is mentioned, then there is none. Submit to your heart's contempt!

How long do the challenges last?
Usually infinitely. We do suspect there is a limit of how many folders a DA Group is allowed to have, so we might be forced to clear out some old challenges at some point to make room for new ones. But don't worry, if a challenge is going to be closed, we'll warn you on time. An exception to the "infinitely open" challenges might be prized contests if we ever get around to doing them. Those might have a deadline.
In any case if a deadline is present, it will be mentioned in the challenge journal.

How often can I submit art?
We stick to the rule "one submission per day per challenge folder". That to avoid flooding the admins and the watchers of the group.

I made a deviation that fits two challenges, but DA would only allow me to post it to one folder. What should I do?
Submit it to one of the folders. Then let one of the admins know, we'll copy it to the second folder.

I want to suggest a challenge. How do I do that?
There are two ways. If you're really shy and don't want anyone to see your suggestion, you can note one of the admins. If you are less afraid of the people, you can post a comment on the Challenge Suggestions journal. We don't promise we will accept all idea's, but we will definitely consider all of them. So don't be afraid to send us suggestions!

How often does a new challenge appear?
For now we've settled for a magic number of 2 challenges per month. We're planning to submit 2 new challenges at the beginning of every month, so that everyone has some new dares to choose from.

Is it ok to use fanart and non-original characters for the challenges?
For normal challenges, that don't specifically specify that it's about a specific "fandom", no, you can not. But we will try to submit one fanart challenge every month, centered around some book, tv series or movie. So if you have some fandom you would like to see in a challenge, you're very welcome to post your idea's in the Challenge Suggestions journal.

My deviation was deleted from the group. WHYYYYYY?
The only reason why we delete deviations is if they're unrelated to the challenge folder they were submitted to. If you believe your deviation was related to the challenge, please, alter the artist comments to your deviation and make clear why it fits the challenge. Then resubmit.

If you have still some questions left, feel free to contact one of the admins. We're always happy to help you. But please be polite, or we'll send our private dragons after you. And we happen to be dragon hoarders. :evillaugh:

Recent Journal Entries

You know the biblical story about the Apocalypse? That the four Horsemen will come: Plague, War, Famine and Death. They're supposed to announce the end of the world, symbolizing the worst things that humanity can endure during this life.

Now imagine those guys are pretty serious about their jobs. They play the part, be all poker-faced and professional. It's end of the world after all, you get only one shot. They can't screw it up. And now imagine they did.

Something happened, and they found themselves in an awkward situation. Something they didn't account for and that came completely unexpected. The War's horse broke her leg in the middle of the great entrance. The Famine's cloak got chewed on by a crocodile. The Plague is getting surrounded by some biomedical students to take an interview, asking which illnesses he's going to release. Death is getting lost while on the way to the meeting point.

Our challenge to you is: picture any of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in some awkward situation. Could be any medium. Write a poem, make a 3D render, make a drawing or describe it in a short story. Just make sure they don't feel at ease.

Submission folder
More Journal Entries








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