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matte painting tutorial

It took a while but now my tutorial is ready =)

I try to explain the process of creating a mattepainting, including
basic painting technics, using 3d elements and composing them inside your painting as well some ways of color-
grading. Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Originalimage is here:

for a detailshot watch this:
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Will you know where you downloaded the 3d asset?

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Thank you for tutor. It is nice)
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sir i didnt get the polygon path tool thing you mentioned ? 
whats that which software includes it ?
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The Polygon Tool is a vector tool in Photoshop; its in the same place the square-, line- and customeshape tool is in.
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echt cool gemacht :)
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Hey! I'm a 3d-visual effects artist and this is huge! I'm confused- how could you work in 6k x 3k without stretching a lot of pixels in the image you used? Did you have to paint over those, too? How can I import this scene back into cinema 4d/ after effects and make some camera movements?
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I streched the images, but I repainted the lost detail (which is relatively easy when the surrounding already fits). But in most of the cases I simply tried to find images in the right resolution. 
If you want to have camera movement applied to a shot, I would suggest a simple layering method. Foreground, midground, background on different layers (maybe 5 or 6). For a complex shot like that(with a midground reaching from a far to a near plane)  or one with a more dynamic camera movement, you need to create more geometry than I did here, map your painted textures on it or even remodel the detail completely..
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Thanks for the explanation! I'll try it! 
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thank u for sharing this with us its really helpful for the beginners
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Love the tutorial! Was just wondering how you imported the 3D model into the photoshop composition from Cinema 4D? Hope you can help! :)
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There is no imported model, unfortunately, the photoshop raytracer sucks, compared to "real" 3D tecchnology, so I just rendered *.tifs out of cinema 4D and used them instead. Hope that helps :)
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Ah, I see XD Thanks! I aspire to be a matte painter someday :)
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Terrific , a really good eye opener
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Great work, thank you for this!!
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This is amazing!!! *O* Thank you very much for sharing this with us!
You should really get a DD for this!!
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Glad you like it! I would love if you'd share it with others :)
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Thats a bloody awesome image!

I like how you made the process into a tutorial, that way others can learn how to incorporate 3D models and image editing software to make truly epic pieces!
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Thanks a bunch! Hope it was helpful.
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thanks for this wonderful tutorial!
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what software did you use?
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Its done with Photoshop and Cinema4d for the 3d construction.
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I was slightly disappointed to find out the City was a 3D model, but the end result it truly amazing.
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its much faster to create a city like that in 3D- greeble is amazing^^ glad you like the end result- got lucky this time :)
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