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hidden caves

A fast Matte Painting/ Concept thing I did during my Luchbreak (and while waiting for some customer feedback^^) ;finished at home. Done in PS CS4, with intuos 4.
Please tell me what you think =)
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i love how it hidden but looks safe and warm 
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Featured your work here: [link] :D
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You're very welcome!
Just so you know, this image is my desktop wallpaper right now. Haha!
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Thats cool to know :3
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Glad ya think so lol
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so cool, put so many good ideas in my head and totally inspired me!
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Glad you are, thank you :)
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Beautiful, I love it
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Glad you do :) Thank you
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The sky ,sunlight, and the shadow work on the rocks are amazing! From the thumbnail I thought it was a photo =p
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seriously jealous!! so fab!
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Such intricate detail! I love it. You did a wonderful job.
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Not a problem! You are truly talented. :)
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Arctic hobbit hole. Badass. super impressed that it's something you banged out on a lunch break! though i'm assuming "finished at home" was more than just a couple of minutes. lol, It makes me thing of the Dwarf's forge from the "Crystal Shard" (that was the name, the first of the Drizzt dark elf books..?) any way, i like your imagination.
What you created here sir is amazing! this is one of those images that when looked at inspires the imagination. I cant help but think of all the fantastical things inside that cave and that city! You made a portal for my imagination with this work and that's i think, the best praise a artist can get!
Whoa great idea!!
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very nice :) to my favoritess
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Those are some mad details o.o
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this is so insane.....
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