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black ooze

Old stuff I found on my harddrive today; was fun to paint this translucent blobby jelly thing^^ (produced for the facebook game waraxe)

Let me know if you like or don't like it :)
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Like it! All the different textures, lighting, and depths are great. 
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Thank you Nilwill! :)

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... to reach out, where nobody has been before to explore new galaxies, new lifeforms!
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Thanks Nemo :) 
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Always a pleasure ^_^
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Very cool concept. While blob creatures are often criticized for not being creative enough in terms of alien designs, I always thought they looked the coolest, especially these ghostly forms which seem like the kind of beings that always look like they're staring at you no matter what angle you're seeing them from :fear:
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Nice! Are they in like some sorta tar pit or something? Cause I normally get one of my FCs, Ice Freezehog, stuck in pits like that. He gets payback by freezing me though. WORTH IT XD He turns completely red when I do that to him!
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voll cool -- ziemlich ausdruckstark fuer .. blobs! stellen sie gerade fest, dass etwas zu essen angekommen ist?
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So ists gemeint, ja :)
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<font><font>Вы алкоголик?</font></font>
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Sehr schöne Illustration!
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i get plenty of ideas what this race could be and how it uses the ooze to travel
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well i think this glowing thing could be a sort of jellyfish and the ooze is bakteria, like a sponge, but liquid, and the jellyfish forces the cells of the ooze to do what he likes this pheromones and "trick or treat"-style. So the fish can travel on land trough dark caves always knowing where it goes for the light. This way there are no enemies and the symbiosis with the ooze is a great success because now the jellyfish can hunt little land animals that dont count with him here. Easy hunting. The bakteria get the rest of the prey, they share it. i think they are about 2 feet tall and fast like a running child.
The eggs of the JF are save there too. They can grow in safty till they can controll thier own ooze.

Awesome :D
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This is awesome!
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