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Another Backdrop for Nightbanes. Check it out:…

Painted in Photoshop, animated in Flash. Hope you enjoy! 

Also check out other my animations and Backgrounds

graveyard by Der-Reiko              Nightbanes Forest by Der-Reiko              Silverlight lake (animation) by Der-Reiko
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can I use your backgrounds in a movie I'm making with friends? I'll give you credit and all.
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Unfortunately, I don't have the rights for this one; it's created for the game Nightbanes.
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There's something ominous about this place.
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I can hear the sounds for this place. 
A slight empty howl from a ventilation fan somewhere in the tunnels, and the sound of all the drips and flowing water.  Maybe the spatting sound water makes poured against concrete. 
Then the occasional electric buzz from the lights.
Just when you think you have the sounds figured out.  A few clicks, a thunk and the labored whir of a motor.
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this reminds me of TSW
Der-Reiko's avatar
I hope it reminds you in a good way :D
MeggerzTouch's avatar
an amazing, detailed, loving and yearning way! <3 
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These animated bgs of yours are so awesome! How did you do the ripples? They actually displace the backgound image instead of just being an overlay; very cool. 
GoatQueen's avatar
Great ambiance. 
retrofuturist's avatar
Great work! The flickering light is my favorite detail in the animation! It creates just the right mood... creepy and cold
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Wait, this is the one from Pokèmon Black and White 2! xD
FransMensinkArtist's avatar
Excellent as well! 
keren-or's avatar
Fantastic! So many details... your animated backgrounds are awesome!
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Awesome work. Love all the textures, the rust on the metal, the mould on the stone, the bubbly goo and rainbowy oil on the water - so much attention to detail!
Intimidator777's avatar
This looks really good1
great sense of light and dark- i love how gross and slimy the water looks like. very nice attention to details.
FrozenHeaven's avatar
love it!!! very clean and not so dark that u cant see but dark enough that it feels kind of creepy and the animation is very fluid....great work!
LuisSalazarArt's avatar
Wow these are awesome! :D
Simply just awesome...
PineRain's avatar
These really are very cool! Keep it up!
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