Vancouver Giants T-Shirt Design Contest
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deviantART in collaboration with Vancouver Giants proudly brings you the Vancouver Giants T-Shirt Design Contest. But before you go further it's crucial that you understand that this contest is open only to  members in the United States and Canada. Once you're eligible, please continue reading for more details.

Contest starts Jan. 15th, 2007 at 12am pst.

Contest closes Feb. 15th, 2007 at 11:59pm pst. Prizing valued at approx. $1000. In addition to the items below, all winners will receive a T-shirt printed with their winning design

1st Prize: 2008 Giants Season Tickets (*tickets only, travel NOT provided) or $500 cash.

2nd Prize: Tickets to a 2007 Memorial Cup Final Giants Game (*tickets only, travel NOT provided) or an autographed Giants Jersey.

3rd Prize: $100 Gift Certificate for Giants Merchandise at the team store.

Entries must be submitted in a jpeg format (see specifications below) via the Internet.  If you are a Selected Entrant you will also be required to sign a hard copy of the Entry Form and Release Form as part of the contest closing documents before the prize will be awarded.

The Contest commences on January 15, 2006 and all entries must be submitted on the website on or February 15, 2007 at 11:59 pm pst (the Contest closing date).  

Entrants may submit as many entries as they like as long as the entries meet the following criteria:   

          o Only jpg images in RGB colour will be accepted (not CMYK);
          o You may submit more than one entry;
          o Entries can be hand drawn or created on the computer; either way, it will                   have to be submitted on this page. Hard copies will not be accepted ;
          o A maximum of 5 colours to be used in the design;
          o The image uploaded should be approximately 600 x 600 pixels and  under     1 MB file size;
          o The design must be 100% your work;
          o No copyrighted images can be used in anyway;
          o The design can incorporate any elements of the Giants logo, mascot     character and font. The artwork can also use the 2007 Memorial Cup logo     or elements of it in a co-branded design;
          o Retain your hi-resolution version of the design as it will be required to     produce the final artwork should you be the Selected Entrant.

Logos you can use are found here:……

Submit your deviations to the proper contest category: submit -> deviation -> community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> Vancouver Giants Contest

By entering in this contest you have read and agree to the terms stated in the contest rules.

The contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada. You must be over 12 years old to enter. If you are 12 years old or younger, you must have permission from your parent/guardian for your entry to be accepted. Please refer to the contest Rules & Regulations. After a winner is selected, that person will be contacted by our art department in order to prepare the design for printing, so be sure to keep your hi-resolution version of the design somewhere in case your design is picked. If your artwork does not meet the following requirements, your design will not be accepted.

Art Requirements for Screen Printing

-Both Macintosh and Windows.

-Illustrator CS2:  Saved as AI, or EPS with all text created into outlines.
-Photoshop CS2:  Files must be a minimum of 200-300 dpi at 100% size
for screen printing.  Saved as a TIF/TIFF or PSD in RGB format.

Please do not flatten layers.

Un-acceptable Formats:
-JPG/JPEG and CMYK files that do not meet our basic minimum requirements for printing and will not be accepted.

-Microsoft Paint, Word, Power Point, etc, do not meet our basic minimum requirements and will not be accepted.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your designs!


1. Could contestants used Photoshop 7 and save as .psd file or .tiff file?
PSD files saved at actual size and 300 dpi meet print requirements.

2. How will the winning designs be used? Would it be produced commercially?
A limited run of T-shirts will be produced and used in marketing, prizing and retail.

3. Could contestants use Photoshop Elements and save as .psd file?

4. The design can incorporate any elements of the Giants logo, mascot character and font. The artwork can also use the 2007 Memorial Cup logo or elements of it in a co-branded design" does this include the WHL and CHL logos?
Yes, the WHL logo can be used in a Giants design and the CHL logo in a Memorial Cup design.

5. As regards to the Giants logo, can it be our own rendition of it, or does it have to be the same logo? Are other CHL team logos allowed in the design?
Artists can create any variation of the logo they like. However, only designs deemed to enhance the branding efforts of the team will be used.

6. Do they have a preference of what colour tee they are going to print this on? should it look best on black, grey, etc?
No preference as to shirt colour. This is up to the artists discretion.

-JPG/JPEG and CMYK files that do not meet our basic minimum requirements for printing and will not be accepted. What does this mean?
It means that CMYK files in the whole isn't accepted and .JPG files must meet required printing format to be accepted.

If you have any further questions, please note depthskins
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when is the winner announced?
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H0shiiHobbyist General Artist
I missed it. ;_____; *huge hockey fan*
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are there winners?
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Ummm when are the winners going to be announced.
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when will we find out the results it has been at least 10 days since, the end of the contest.
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AzoronHobbyist General Artist
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Good luck all who entered 8-)
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closed now i guess
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thanx for sending me this but i don't know anything about canadian football teams!
xox grace xox
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>(^.^)< boo ya! a face! tee hee oh and ya np about the add to the fav thing
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darkcat2004 Digital Artist



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Woot woot!! I'm excited
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just the fact that the promoing was handed to deviant then to all us little pepole is harsh slick

and remember the stars are watching us
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Eiden-grom Photographer
"shit" , only canadien and US residents!!!!!!
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considering e-mail and the web unites the world why exclude someone?
unless its for the winners photoshoot?

but im sure i could give the tickets to someone i knwo in america or accept payments via paypal, mailpost whatever
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WILL BE.........I am a T-shirt print design N Concept. Here"
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im sorry i just had an out-of-body experience what did i just type
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Why the giants why not the bulldogs
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Very close minded, I'd love to enter it and give it a shot but there's no point!!!
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What is the money? It says 1000 on here but my friend says it's 500!!!!
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look at the 4th paragraph "1st prize:...".

Maybe they mean that all the prizes total $1000?
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