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Jokes on her though. Not wearing a mask means she's more likely to get Covid. Also to cough on someone and say "Have some Corona!" means you assume you already have it? I guess you're probably gonna die then. Why are you outside coughing on people instead of getting to a hospital?

5-prime's avatar

these are often the same type of people who believe that Covid isn't real, and believe the PCR test is fake and a conspiracy. it's all kinds of messed up.

Niijugo's avatar

Panel 3: The point where you should floor her, plant a knee on her back (or neck) and call the cops. That is 1 count assault, 1 count biological terrorism and possibly 1 count of harrassment.

macurs13's avatar

Ahh yes these people suck but trust me Karma is going to screw them up equally.

dokuganryu15's avatar
dokuganryu15Hobbyist Traditional Artist

This people deserve a baseball bat to the groin.

TheLegendaryLastMole's avatar
TheLegendaryLastMoleHobbyist Writer
Naw that’s too easy on them
macurs13's avatar

Forceful application of the mask is best in this particular case.

Niijugo's avatar

How about forceful application of 3 layers of ducttape?

Preferably making sure to cover their nose and mouth.

TheLegendaryLastMole's avatar
TheLegendaryLastMoleHobbyist Writer
But then they’ll take it off. Trust me, I work around these idiots all day. They don’t care that they’re putting people at risk, they only care about “their freedom”
macurs13's avatar

In that case Karma will take care of them.

SomeTalentlessIdiot's avatar

And if you don't wear the mask, you get the opposite.

...Such great times we live in.

snowonia22's avatar
snowonia22Student Traditional Artist
2020 fall of humanity
Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
Wolffang1995Hyano Traditional Artist

That's every year.

Daniel-RM's avatar
Daniel-RMHobbyist Digital Artist

we are the worst virus

Wolffang1995Hyano's avatar
Wolffang1995Hyano Traditional Artist

Willing Ignorance, selfishness, and other negative things & shit the human race does are the main viruses. Not everyone's like this. I agree with you that our kind are assholes though.

macurs13's avatar

Humanity is a shit pile with a few flowers of good people trying to grow in it.

TheLivingGlitch's avatar

I'm equal-opprotunity.

If I see an asshole doing that to someone, I wanna punch them in the face. Sex or race don't matter to me: an asshole is an asshole and they need to learn one way or another.

meiyulian's avatar

People do suck, corona or not.

And as for the exact type of individual that you're refering to here ... it sadly appears to be a phenomenon native to only a few countries. Or maybe I just haven't noticed them here. But they are very sad cases.

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FluffabluffStudent Digital Artist
Oof that sums alot of what's happening
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