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DurihanHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yeah, that seems about right. They re-opened playgrounds around my area. I'm lucky that we're not in a massive breakout area, and it's the suburbs as opposed to city sprawl, but that's just baffling to me.

I'm glad I found your comics. The art is really good (I find grey-scale pretty tough, so that's excellent) and I love your writing.

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Absbor-JHobbyist General Artist

They opened the playgrounds at my place too. Tho, they still kept the flashy red-white-band around it. xD

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The jogger and biker are fine. As long as they keep their distance from people, it is healthy and recommended to to do physical activity outside. (I typically still wear a mask anyway)

Playing ball would be fine too, if they kept their distance.

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MondlichtkatzeHobbyist Digital Artist

thats exactly it!! my family is dissapointed with me cause i dont leave the house unless its neccesairy and i stopped visiting my grandparents too. but most people i know look at me like i take it to seriously... why are so many people so lax about the whole situation???

does someone around you guys need to get sick or even die so that you realize that we SHOULD take it very serious!???

Cold-Neko-Angel's avatar
Cold-Neko-AngelHobbyist Traditional Artist
I totally understand you.
I think my mom is disappointed in me because I want to keep her save and don't visit her.
It hurts my feelings when she keeps reminding me of it.
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Cold-Neko-AngelHobbyist Traditional Artist
And to top it my brother is still visiting her.
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ManicBulbsHobbyist General Artist
I sometimes act a little carefree when I secretly go get a soda when I go out. But I keep the mask and gloves. But I don't get the other people that don't seem to have a mask at all, even the ones being sold all over now.
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