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Drawn June 1, 2015.

If you need help, I have a list of resources at .

If you need someone to talk to, please go to .

You don't have to suffer alone.

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How do you know the world is a better place with whatever person that is reading the comic? I mean, for real though? D:
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How does someone's suicide make a better world???
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That's not really an answer to the question^^; Nvm.
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It is an answer to a question originally intended to have no answer.
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I support this message so much, is there a way, or would I be able to put this on my profile linking back here?
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I think if you favorite it it will show up in your lists of favorites. Sorry, I really don't know how to reblog on this platform.
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Well I know about favoriting, but just giving it a fav will add it to the list of other things I've favorited.
I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13, at that point my father had already left and my mother worked to keep a roof over our heads. I walked about 20 or so blocks alone every Thursday to get to my therapist.
When I was a sophomore in high school my family moved in with my aunt. My aunt had problems with her land lord and he refused to let her sign the lease. Important detail because my insurance fell threw, I finished high school off medication, than started college. I felt terrible, but I tried. About a year into college I lost my grip on reality.
I started self isolating, I cut off myself from the world, and I just stayed home. I went to my mom for help, but she didn't really help. In December of 2015 I tried to kill myself. I was in and out of the hospital for the next year and a half or so.

I wanted to put this comic on my profile linking the credit to you and posting the same links because I believe this is an important resource :)
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Love the message Love what your doing here XD:10!
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I'm in Serbia. That's the beginning and the end of that story, lol. Fuck my life.
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A few weeks ago, the thought of death came to my mind. I was so sick and tired of how life was treating me and just wanted to have a break. You know, I had these types of thoughts before. I, possibly, would have carried the deed out, if it wasn't for my fear of feeling pain. But, during those times, I was told that there was a chance things could get better. That's one of the many things that kept me from killing myself. Well, it was that, and me promising myself that I would always be there for my niece and nephews. Now I'm being told that I (might) have depression, which explains why I'm always so...drained. I'm trying to get better, but it's a struggle. 

I can not stress how right this Comic is. If you are depressed, then please do not suffer in silence. Speak to someone; get help. This isn't something that you can just fight alone. And if you are having thoughts of suicide, know that it doesn't have to end that way. You have so many opportunities in this world...there is a future for you. Don't deny yourself the chance of seeing that future. 

Thank you for making this Comic. If only I can draw good like you and everyone else. rip
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That's nice story
Real nice
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Sorry, I'm unsure what you mean since it's not a story. It's an ad to direct people to help or information.
sorry autocorrect is a killer
I meant to stay it's thoughtful and know how depression melts every fiber ones personally

used to suffer from it   
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I am going to share but for me it is already too late. :(
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If you're still alive then it's not too late.
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But my mind is still broken
AnubisPriest-ca's avatar
I don't believe you are broken.

Often what is "broken" is only different. Society (and depressioncomix has drawn "her") has an expectation of what is "normal" that we should fit into, and when we don't society can label us as "broken" until we start to believe it ourselves.

Reality doesn't say we are broken. Reality says we are unique.

Your uniqueness matters.
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But it just feels like this
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A lot of us have been there, it's not too late.
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... But what if I tell I can believe but I am still broken?
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Who isn't broken in some way when it comes down to it?
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I'm not saying that to diminish our illness, I'm just trying to say there are many more people who understand than we think.
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