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Everything went so fast, The Apocalypse, the recruitment, the monsters … everything.

     I couldn’t process it well, 4 years…it only took him 4 years to end everything. It only took me  what? 2 and a half? Just to get myself to my full potential, and even that wasn’t enough. Not enough to stop this destruction from happening.

    It was only I and the Witch of Time left of the Nightmare Patrol, the team of supposed young “gods” given the task of being the flagship  against the down pouring demonic attack on our beloved world of Subversia. Every one of our members, killed of like sacrificial lambs to honor  the new god rising above our world, spreading his cult to every nook and cranny, dimension by dimension.

    We held our last stand as I used the last ounces of my strength and magic left within to give Chronica, some time to stock up on power, enough to wipe out all monsters on Subversia…but no, she couldn’t. It was already too late, even if she could destroy all evil, she’d die with it. Everything we defended with our blood, sweat and tears, were already gone. And I will be the only one standing.

    Only one option left. The only way to stop all of this madness is to…go back. Go back to where it all started, 12 years ago. When we were all young and naïve, ignorant to the fact that this world is not only made of good, but also of evil. Blind little rabbits wandering into a foxhole.  To the time when sister died.

    I snap back into the situation.

    Millions and millions of monsters race against each other, they seem to be thrilled to have a go at killing a young god.  But all they seemed to be doing is running into my scythes. The thought of this made me chuckle. All the horrific scenes of my life played out into my mind, the torture of having to live in this reality fucked me up. I screamed in laughter as I slashed and slashed into thousands of weaklings they called demons. Ha, pathetic.

    “IS THIS THE BEST YOU COULD DO?” I shouted at their leader. Who was watching at the safety of his own condo unit almost 1km away viewing our torture. He seemed to hear what I said, such powerful ears, or just my loud voice. The former prince of all shit and scum in this world, now the king of all shit and scum used a speaker inside a helicopter to reply.

    “If I did I wouldn’t have a universe to rule.” He laughed at his own remark. What a cock sucking prick, he really makes sure that we’d hear him enjoy our misery.

    “ Aren’t you worried I’ll come to you? You almost lost your head the last time we fought? Does that ring any bell?” I replied, while massacring thousands of monsters. The Shit king stopped laughing, apparently was hit by my statement.

    “Why don’t you worry more about your girlfriend there? She seems to have a lot on her hands.”


I speed back from the frontlines and head back to Chronica, who halted her spell time because of a dozen demons getting in her way.

"YOU DUMB ASSHOLE! YOU LEFT ME HERE TO FEND FOR MYSELF!" She shouted, her face covered in monster blood.

"I'm sorry! I got carried away with killing these weaklings!" I explained.

"These are not weaklings John! They are class Cherub demons! for once don't forget about that! You only manage to kill them so easily is because of that powerful blood you have! Chaotic blood mixed with Chaotic blood makes for a powerful being! We are cheaters in the game of life."

"Sheesh, easy with the lecture brain snot. I don't want a headache when I die."

"Can you please just take this seriously? We are gonna die if you won't concentrate on protecting me!"

"Alright-alright, so what was this plan of yours again?" I spoke a command and my twin scythes merged into one huge scythe, easier for sweeping lines of demons.

"Oh wow, you weren't listening." Chronica lets out a disappointed sigh. "Okay, here's the plan, again...ugh, nevermind just fucking protect me until I charge up. You shouldn't  screw this up."

I scratch my head in guilt "Uh..yeah. Sorry for the constant screw ups all these years, I'm glad to be by your side when this world ends."  

Chronica seemed surprised at what I said. "Y-you too, I mean yeah I feel glad too....."

We stopped talking for a while. I continue killing demons left and right around Chronica, who is now surrounded by a bright magenta light