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I guess it's just one of those things that comes and goes. I haven't felt all too much in the drawing mood for a few months (since September), but just a few days ago, I ran across something in Achaea that I was VERY impressed with..and could visualize on the inside of my eyelids. So I was instantly back in the groove. At least through yesterday when I finished it up.
Wow. I'm REALLY feeling fairly artistic these last few days. No idea why either. Actually yes I do have an idea. I looked at HELP ARTISANAL in Achaea and got all psyched out with the idea, since I just wrote a short story that hopefully we'll get to RP.

But then I was thinking, if it does or does not get approved for RP, I might just submit it in a monthly contest down the road. And then I thought, I bet I could do something now too. I...never mind. Totally lost my train of thought.
Woo! Forgot I had put a bunch of difference gradients into storage when I left for a time. Just got them back out, so enjoy!!
Hey there! I'm back sorta. Enough of my online friends (and yes, they are actually FRIENDS, not just Farmville Neighbors), acquaintances and favorite artists are posting stuff here, so I decided to get back with it. I'll just have to suck it up and muck through all the gore and things, or maybe I'll find a censoring tool someplace. We'll see.
I can't stand the sick stuff I'm seeing here, so I'm making this as inactive as possible.  Plus I'm trying to consolidate, so to see my pictures elsewhere, you can visit my censored gallery at… care all.  This is as far dead as I can get, as the admins don't allow deleting of accounts.  I could think of several ways, the simplest being to open the DB in access and manually deleting the entry labeled DePow9999, but whatever.  Apparently they're not that smart.