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EDIT: Thanks so much for the DD on this! It's my third now o_o

Finally a good enough reason to get rid of that old journal o_o

First off, thanks for all the lovely feedback on my latest deviation!
Lyssa by depingo

I was lucky enough to be one of the 5 winners in the challenge (#5 to be exact, haha!).
For anyone who's interested, I posted up a gif of the painting process on my blog along with some blahblah about the challenge and studies. I usually tweet when there's a blog update, so please feel free to follow me on Twitter if you want to keep track of that :)

As always, thank you for all favs, comments and watches!
That's it for now <3

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Congratulations! You'Re a very talented artist, you deserve it :)
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oh, congrats on being #5
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Yeay du hast ein wenn auch nur klitze kleines "How do you do it" gemacht! :) Großartig, danke dafür! Und man wächst mit jeder Aufgabe und da da du riesige sprünge machst ist das denke ich verkraftbar wenn ein komischer Juror freidreht ;D
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Ich gratuliere! Ich finde ja, du hättest eigentlich den ersten Platz verdient :)
Irgendeiner der Juroren (derjenige, der dich nicht in den Top-Ten hatte) muss ein Kunstignorant sein :P
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Anna! :)
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Hurray! My congratulations! :) Really! It's amazing and well deserved! And thank you for the working process! It was very interesting! :)) And be prepared I'm gonna follow you on twitter and on blogspot! :)
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Thanks so much and sorry for the late reply! :)
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Congratulations!:heart: I looked through some of the entries before the judging and you definitely deserved it. You do wonders with composition.:hug:
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