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It's about time I get that old journal entry off my main page!

Here's a fun little brush for all of you! I used it for most of MtG Lovisa Coldeyes and I find that I'm still very much in love with the brush after all this time. So I thought maybe some of you might enjoy it too!


Details2 by depingo

Created while painting a study after John Singer Sargent, hence the name :) It's a fairly sharp and opaque brush that is supposed to mimic the feel of oil paint. I suppose it can look a bit chalky though. Still, it's really fun to paint with!

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аааа это обожествлено
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Love the oil paining feel and canvas texture!
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This is before you respond to my last comment but, I cant wait to eventually commission you for my own project. So excited!
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Sorry, I don't usually have time to accept private commissions. Good luck with your project.
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Its all good! Im glad I ran into your exceptional art :)
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Wow, thank you for sharing depingo , it was so long that I want my painting have more textured and painterly look. maybe this is the solution.
please check out my work whenever you have time, Cheers~ ^.^
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Love this brush, Anna, and already using it in a new painting! Thanks so much for sharing :)
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Awesome! Glad to hear that. Don't forget to show me when it's finished :)
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I definitely will :)
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Nice, look forward trying this one out :D Thank you ^_^
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Oh yes, using a brush for most of paintings. It's a precious little feeling, ain't it? (imagine that in the voice of Bob Ross)
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That's cool! I'm always on a lookout for traditional-like brushes. I've made customized brushes, but they are not quite there. Maybe this one will do the trick. Thank you so much for sharing! :thumbsup:
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Looks great can't wait to try it. Thank you!
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Thank you! Looks great
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Thank you! I'll be sure to try it out ^_^ It's always good to hear from you :)
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thank you for this! Great effect, I'll try it :)
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Thank you kindly for this. I admire your work a great deal! :D

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Wow it's so weird, I just commented something about wanting your fur brush and then I saw this talking about brushes later after xD ... Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for sharing this, looks like a lot of fun!
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Thank you for sharing, it can make fine gradients but also solid strokes :)
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Awwwww yeeeess this is a great thing to wake up to! Time to abuse it! Thank you, Anna! :hug:
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Hi, it is a very interesting brush, there is a good texture.
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Thanks for sharing, will need to try it out :)
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