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WH40k Grey Knights Codex Cover

By depingo
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Oh hey! Haven't submitted anything for some time :B

This Codex was actually released a while ago. Purple fire and demonic clouds, yay!
(Fun fact: Had to find ways to avoid drawing too much attention to his crotch because of the darn light source I chose. :facepalm: )

©Games Workshop
Art Director: Markus Trenkner
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© 2014 - 2021 depingo
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Love art with rain effects like this one.
alithking's avatar
Amazing art work.
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*The Grey Knights have come on behalf of the holy Inquisition*

Epic artwork for an epic chapter~!
DavidFarrell's avatar
Great image for a codex cover, I can imagine the title fitting in beautifully. Also please allow me to confirm you avoided making the crotch a focal point, that must've been a doozy when you realised it might be an issue though!
ThomasRome's avatar
Awesome, do you have a blog or something where you talk obout your professionnal experience?
depingo's avatar
Thanks! I thought I replied to this comment already but maybe I didn't? Or did you comment twice?
Anyway, I have a livestream where I talk about that kind of stuff if people ask… :)
ThomasRome's avatar
No I just asked twice i think. but I went to your livestream page, very inspirationnal :)
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I LOVE IT WELL DONE :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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I think this is my favorite codex cover ever! It's so alive! I could babble on for pages on how much I love that the rain gives this omnious feel to it, and how perfect the armour is but I don't feel like anyone would have time to read it! 

Great work! I hope you get to do more codex-covers!!
depingo's avatar
MiwaTadayoshi's avatar
my brain exploded OMG  so many pretty, overload (makes me remember how bad i am compared to youGrr. ) lol
chazillah's avatar
you have a beautiful brain  * - * that metal and perspective! 
depingo's avatar
Aw shush! You've got a beautiful juicy brain of your own, sister! :heart:
TheSangson's avatar
Hm. Vielleicht hol ich mir die neuen Codizes ja doch.
Animekowa's avatar
Grey Knights are the best :) I love WH40K!!
depingo's avatar
Thank you for the comment and happy holidays :)
thevampiredio's avatar
outstanding work again!!! XD
depingo's avatar
Kimonas's avatar
Thats is really awesome! Nice to see an update :) You must be busy with lots of projects im sure.
depingo's avatar
Thank you :) And yeah, pretty busy, though it's clearing up slowly :)
Aleynia's avatar
This is so badass!
The description loaded before the painting, so I was expecting a glowy crotch XD

We miss you!
depingo's avatar
Thanks! If I hadn't cheated with the light source in the end, it would have been the glowiest of crotches :facepalm:
I miss you guys too!
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