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I painted this last year and it appeared as a step-by-step tutorial in ImagineFX at the time, but for some reason I never posted the final online! It started out as a personal painting before I was asked to turn it into a workshop, and I think I wanted to polish it just a bit more after the fact, which is probably why I forgot to post it in the end.
Anyway, I still sort of like it, so here it is!

The painting was inspired by a series of fantasy movies that had the most profound influence on me when I was a kid. (An influence which is still very obvious in my work now!)
I remember sometimes dressing up in a green tunic and belt, running around with a toy sword. Other kids would ask me who I was supposed to be and when I replied "Princess Fantaghirò!", all I would get in return were confused looks. So if you happen to know and like the movies (except 9&10 of course, yuck!), you are officially awesome in my book.
 Fantaghiro will be my role model forever <3

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Oh, such good memories! I love the series, and your work is a masterpiece :heart: !
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
Simply breathtaking :D
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Lovely foliage :)
Erydrin's avatar
Fantaghiro is also one of my favourite character. <3
And this piece is absolutely gorgeous. 
Maron-art's avatar
omg, Fantaghiro ;__; Thanks for the nostalgia kick haha!

Wonderful work, love the soft and flowing look.
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semperliber2011's avatar
Magical in its visuals...!
cjgreen83's avatar
The definition is sooo good! Everything about this is perfection! 
claponyo's avatar
This is perfect! Thank yoouuuu! <3
Very Well Done. The Painting tells a Story.
Fantaghiro, you definitely piqued my curiosity. Anywhere I can check out an English dubbed version of the series?

Beautiful artwork!
shideh's avatar
This is so beautiful :heart:
hue-of-faith's avatar
Justa-Watcher49's avatar
Terrific composition! Love the atmosphere and cool whisperer 
Angymoo's avatar
oh my gosh Fantaghirò-- my childhood.
I thought they did not dub the movies in any other language and just kept them in Italy. I barely remember them, but man did I love them.
alithking's avatar
WOW! Amazing and great art work, congratulations! Clap 
giselleukardi's avatar
SO gorgeous! You did a really great job with this. I love the contrast between the two characters and how well the white character blends into the background. Really beautiful piece! :heart:
mpz28's avatar
very nice B-) (Cool) :D (Big Grin) Thumbs Up 
steventhe23rd's avatar
I love the confused look on the knights face, it really adds character to the scene. The ghost is also done extremely well with all the translucent effects. The surrounding foliage looks stunning as well. An amazing illustration! Clap 
IaneArt's avatar
Wow, nice job ☺
Eclaring's avatar
Wow absolutely stunning and eerie! The way you painted the foliage is just. Wow!! The characters are also beautifully done!
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