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Bleach 570 - Rukia's Bankai


You can get the brushes I used under this link:

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she turns into ice, her skin cannot be so dark in bankai mode
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Ahah/ Dude, name your layers. It's convenient for us both. Very nice. Did you use Illustrator or just Photoshop?
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-kneels- My queen.

CSI Miami 
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I didn't Even know she had a bankai plus the color scheme you used to show it is just amazing
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Beautiful coloring!! :heart:
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she looks beautiful ! one my favorite colouring of rukia's bankai!!! =D
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Rukia can use Bankai? How cool,  I didn't know that O: Really good work DEOHVI!!! :squee:
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I'm glad that they finally let Rukia obtain her own Bankai. It was about time for that. Always knew it was going to be a beautiful yet deadly Bankai. Rukia is even more awesome. :happybounce: 
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She reminds me of Mab for the Harry Dresden novels.
The one who happens to be wizard/detective PI was created by Jim Butcher the Author?
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wooooooow... Amazing, she looks absolutely stunning!!
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It's too bad she can't do anything else until she thaws after using it....
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remember that ten-year thing byakuya said? Hakka no Togame is BRAND NEW, she won't have control of it for a long time.
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