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Business inquiry per email: Description: Started as a hobbyist manga colorist, my curiosity in art and painting grew as one with my passion for Video Games, I had the honor to work together with the video game company Causa Creations on designing the award-winning game Path Out.

Afterwards, I continued my journey in XR developments as a Junior Tech-Artist for 2 years. As for now, I am attending the CG-Spectrum Course in the Foundations of Game-art and Animation to expand my knowledge and sharpen my tools. The course will end by October 2022.

- Personal story: I was born in Syria in 1996

I grew up like a lot of artists being the artsy misfit kid in society, always wanted to escape reality and it was possible through art and other mediums.

My life took a huge turn when the civil war started in Syria and I had to flee my country. After a while, I finally made it to Austria, and since then life was pretty great to me. All of a sudden I am not a misfit anymore, I started to meet other artists and mentors, which gave me a huge confidence boost.

The highlight that changed my life completely, however, was when I met and married my soul mate and the love of my life. I love her more than anything and she means the world to me!

- Shop story: With all the risks I had to take in my life I learned to ALWAYS be very ambitious and aim high regardless of what people may think or say, but each step at a time.

I got asked a lot which brushes I use with my art and I could not lead them anywhere because I self-made all my brushes and I never thought they would be of any value for anyone as I made them support my workflow.

But people kept on requesting to have them, so I thought why not put them on sale? and the rest is history.

I aim to grow my selection of products soon in the future and make this my income for living.

Thanks for reading and for your support, and remember to always remain ambitious!