The Whoa Factor Contest

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Lately I've been surfing DA for some amazing artwork. Though after the last two I've seen its got me thinking, what the frag.. everyone has been getting on me about being more involved with the DA community and I figured that I should start a list of the most amazing stuff that's on deviantART.

The Whoa factor will consest of four(4) and five(5) star works done by amature or semi-professionals deviants. This is a monthly contest and for the full details check out the following journal entry:…
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Very nice idea, my friend! X3
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why thanks. Oh I was wondering if you have the time, later on in the month when i go through the nominees, would you care to join in on the judge panel?

I haven't offically declared the panel and what not but I would love to have the extra help form anyone that has a good eye for art and is willing to help out.
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You're welcome.. :D Of course you can count me in as a judge. I am always happy to help if I can.
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:D smashing thanks. I really mean that, thank you very much.
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You are very much welcome. ;)