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I've desided to extend the deadline to the 14th. Currently we have a panel three of judges:

Current Happings

Ok, so here goes every one.

If you've been wondering why I haven't posted anything up lately well here its, I've been contracted by ads4cures to do there website and on top of it I'm trying to help out TalentHaven a bit more as well as keep up with my blog and websites. Ehnn.. its a good thing that I'm so busy. :dance:

Lately I've been surfing DA for some amazing artwork. And well if you look at my :+fav: then you'll see some quite amazing stuff, of course a bit of my own personal tastes there to. Though after the last two I've seen its got me thinking, what the frag.. I'm going to start a list of the most amazing stuff on deviantART. Its going to have to do it monthly seeing as I've got a second job doing accounting.

arg.. :sigh: they finally broke me into the family business.. though I'm not going quietly! (click click) Say hello to my little friend... Anyways enough tom foollery, on with the contest rules.

The Whoa Factor

What is it:

The Whoa Factor is a list of the most amazing stuff that's on deviantART. Four and Five star works done by amature or semi-professionals. This is also a part of a contest I've been working up for months now and have finally desided to just do something about it.


Starting the first week of every month I'll be taking submittions by notes. Be sure to include a link to the art piece, and genre in the body. The in the subject line must include, "The Whoa Factor" and the title of the deviantion.

  • Submittions are open to all genre and artests
  • Only the first 100 submittions are accepted
  • Any submittions after 11:59:59 on the seventh day of the month will not be counted
  • Prizes, if any, for the month are to be determind by the panel judges
  • At the end of the month the final top ten vote will be desided by you the deviants
  • All further details will be posted here on my journal so do make sure you :+devwatch:(watch this deviant) that way you know what's going on.

We look forward to seeing your Whoa factor deviants. Good luck and happy creating.

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Master Denzuko
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That's a great idea and I will send you a note of what I can give away as a 'judge', like journal features or x-tra stock-packs! ;)