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PokeRoutes | S.N. | Guardian by DentistChicken PokeRoutes | S.N. | Guardian by DentistChicken


Name: S.N.
  • The abbreviated name is unknown.
  • Nicknames: Cloy (give him some!)
Pronouns: He/Him
Species: Cloyster
  • Variant : Clam Shell
Hometown: Somewhere Nonspecific (yet)
Rank: Guardian
Items: No Items

Personality Traits

  • Grumpy | S.N. is quite a grumpy dude. It's just his demeanor, and he doesn't mean to make it seem he's upset with anyone else.
  • Cowardly | "I wasn't built for battle, but I guess that doesn't matter!" He would rather retract into his shell than fight someone, but as of late, he's been pushed out of his comfort zone.
  • Impatient | S.N. doesn't like falling behind schedule, so if anything takes a slow process, he gets frustrated.
  • Dry | His sense of humor is lacking, which doesn't help when he actually tries to make a joke, and most of the time he doesn't get excited by anything.
  • Realistic | He lacks an unbalanced sense of optimism versus pessimism, but he looks at things equally. Although he sticks with the pessimistic side of life, but he is fully aware of both sides of every situation.
  • Clean | S.N. prizes his shells and their designs, so he makes sure to be clean, which also leads to him not liking messes when they can be easily and effortlessly avoided.


  • HP: 50
  • Speed: 70
  • Attack:  95
  • Defense:  180
  • Special Attack: 85
  • Special Defense: 45

Move set:

  •  Withdraw
  •  Icicle Crash
  •  Bubble Beam
  •  Hydro Pump
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August 20, 2017
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