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OSAC | Fuzzyrush | Seeker by DentistChicken OSAC | Fuzzyrush | Seeker by DentistChicken

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l I D E N T I T Y [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r N A M E
Haven Name: Fuzzyrush

Common Name: Fuzzy

Faction Name: Fluffy (Kittypet)

Nicknames: Fuzzy

[KC] Acorn Bullet r A G E
Current Age: 3 years 8 months (as of 2y-4m P.C.)

Birthday: 1 year 4 months B.C.

[KC] Acorn Bullet r G E N D E R   A N D   S E X U A L I T Y
Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Relationship Status: Single & not ready to mingle

[KC] Acorn Bullet r H E R I T A G E
Breed: Pure-bred Persian & Turkish Angora mix

Ancestral Affiliation: Kittypet + Rogue

Origin: Kittypet

[KC] Acorn Bullet r C H A R A C T E R  T Y P E
Auma Type: Light Auma

Character Slot: Primary

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l P E R S O N A L [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r P E R S O N A L I T Y
Summary: Personality summary here

Personality Traits:
{ Extroverted }
Outgoing and enjoying to be around others, Fuzzyrush prefers to interact with others rather than remaining in a state of solitude for long periods of time.

{ Amiable }
Fuzzyrush is quite friendly with strangers, and she doesn't habitually judge others until she's grown to have a better understanding of them. Her attempts to see the best in people at first glance can cloud her judgement.

{ Adaptable }
Fuzzyrush is capable of adjusting to new people and situations given that it's not in an incredibly rushed time frame.

{ Ambitious }
Fuzzyrush has aspirations that are too far out of her reach of suggestion, but it drives her to do something each and every day despite a lack of an ability to succeed.

{ Cooperative }
Fuzzyrush works well with others. She tries to get everyone to voice their opinions on a topic so that everyone can come to a mutual agreement.

{ Creative & Imaginative }
Fuzzyrush has the ability to make entertainment for others and herself. Prime examples include The Scrufflord Diaries and The Legend of McAwesome.

{ Morbid }
Fuzzyrush can tend to think about morbid thoughts such as pain or death, but she herself has no feelings of enjoyment from the topics.
{ Obsessive }
Given that there is a topic she enjoys, she will think about it constantly. Prime example can be, yet again, the Scrufflord Diaries.
{ Obnoxious }
This can be linked to the obsessiveness, as she talks a lot about specific subjects. Her energy and excitement can also be seen as a nuisance to others.
{ Fun-Loving }
She enjoys happiness, and likes to be the reason people smile.
{ Secretive }
Fuzzyrush doesn't talk much about about herself or her past, and if she does, it would be coded within a story and have no obvious association to herself.
{ Apathetic }
Unless the situation is extreme (such as death or some other crushingly emotional event), she gives no true emotional reaction to events that have an mild impact that others would typically elicit an emotional reaction.
{ Boisterous }
With her energy comes loud, excited chatter. It can be a bother to others as she tends to ramble on.
{ Playful }
She enjoys joking about and having fun with others.
{ Disorganized }
Often loses items, but they almost always end up in her fur.

Personality Type: The Campaigner (ENFP, -A/-T)

Alignment: Lawful Good

[KC] Acorn Bullet r A P P E A R A N C E
Looks: Fuzzyrush has long, dirty, white fur that is constantly in tangles and probably contains leaves and sticks (if not other items) from her daily travels through who knows where. Her eyes are forest green and bright with excitement most of the time, but darken when reflecting on the past before Calamity or other less joyful events.

Build: Her frame is small, but her fur makes her look thicker or bulkier than she actually is. She is a mix of Persian and Turkish Angora, but she looks most like a Persian in build, save for the lack of a smushed face thanks to her other genes.

Scars and Disabilities: She has a scar on the roof of the inside of her mouth from eating tainted bait. The bait had a blade embedded in it. She rubs her tongue on it from time to time.

  • Acorn Hat | Commissioned to Littlestep, Fuzzy's acorn hat was inspired by the long past Beety the Eighth. (May he rest in peace with his great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, Beety the First.)

[KC] Acorn Bullet r M I N D - S E T
Habits: She has the tendency to bounce in place when not occupied.

Fears: She fears death of others or herself.

Dreams/Goals: She'd love to become a renowned story teller.

Beliefs: She doesn't have a set-in-stone belief system, but she picked up some of the Pilgrim beliefs from her time with Bathsheba on the way to the Everbloom.

Physical Health - 100% | She's had no recently sustained injuries, and she doesn't have any negative long-term effects from past injuries.

Emotional Health - 90% | She's fine unless she starts dwelling on pre-calamity things. If she thinks about her Kittypet Life, she grows numb.

[KC] Acorn Bullet r R E L A T I O N S H I P S
Best Friend(s):
{ Gyro | Male | Kittypet | Deceased }
"You're my best friend, Fluffy, even like an older sister! Nothing could ever make that change, so you're stuck with me forever. I'll always support you, just like these wheels support me!"

{ Dreampool | Female | Littlestep's Familiar | Alive }
"Dreampool looks up at her again and squawks, puffing out the feathers around her neck. It isn't a vicious squawk, but higher pitched and more friendly. All is forgiven. They're friends now, after all! Dreampool loves to forgive her friends. It makes things so friendly!" -Benepotentia, from Top Hat Top Cat

{ Littlestep | Male | Crafter | Alive }
"As strange as it might be, searching through Fuzzy's fur for items might be a lot of fun. Heck, he could even turn it into an experiment... How many items can a hairy cat collect in a certain amount of time? It might be hard to collect accurate results if he can't fully clean her out, though. The world may never know..." -Benepotentia, from Top Hat Top Cat
{ Bathsheba | Female | Seeker | Alive }
"Bathsheba moved along at a swift pace. She had old bones, but they were not tired. Fuzzyrush was pleasant company to have alongside her on the trip. The younger seeker was bright and full of energy, something the elder loved to see in young cats these days. The world was dark and dreary but the youth sure wasn't-- that's just as it should be, she felt." -Benepotentia, from Fuzzyrush and Bathsheba Seeking Patrol

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l P R O F E S S I O N A L [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r R A N K
Profession: Seeker

Current Auma Score: 17

Apprentice/Mentor: Not Applicable

Past apprentices/mentors: Not Applicable

[KC] Acorn Bullet r P O W E R S  &  S K I L L S
Power Class: Self Class

Detailed Power Chart: { Link }
1. Adrenaline
2. Quicken Step
1. Jump
1. Obscure
2. Traceless
3. Invisibility
1. Reach
Summon Simple Familliar


Jump: +6

Swim: +6

Endurance: +6

Bluff: +6

Balance: +6

Climb: +6

Navigate: +6

Harvest: +6

Search: +6

Sneak: +6

Track: +6

Escape Artist: +6

Perception: +6

Field Medicine: +6

Dodge: +6

Concentration: +6

Distract: +6

Determination: +6

Hunt: +6

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l H I S T O R Y [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r B L O O D - T I E S
{ Monroe | Male | Rogue | Unknown }
"Quite the storyteller, he was. He wanted to be there for me, to entertain and inspire. At first, I didn't know who he was. He spoke of beautiful tales of my mother and, with reluctance, my father with such precision. It was the last story he told, the only one I'd ever heard of my father, that I finally figured it out. I don't know what happened to him after the twolegs were rumored to be coming to take him and the other strays away. I hope to one day see him again."
{ Penelope | Female | Kittypet | Deceased }
"I'd never been able to meet her, but I've heard stories of her beauty and grace from Monroe as he told me stories of the past when I was younger. Apparently, she was what was called a 'show cat', whatever that means."

"I know I was split from my four litter-mates as a kit, but I never met any of them. Wherever they are, I hope they're okay!"

[KC] Acorn Bullet r B A C K S T O R Y
{ A Long Journey }
This section talks about her trip to Safe Haven
[Link to be updated as it is under revision]

{ The First Storyteller }
This section is a short reflection on the time she had unknowingly spent with her father.
[Link to be updated as it is under revision]

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l E X T R A [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r L I K E S   &  D I S L I K E S
  • Kits
  • Flowers
  • Storytelling
  • Listening to others tell stories
  • Huge bugs
  • Being alone
  • Being lost in the dark
  • "Meanie Faces"

[KC] Acorn Bullet r T H E  S A G A S
The Scrufflord Diaries [On Hiatus; Scrufflord is a GIANT JERK, and Fuzzy is conflicted]
Installation 1
Installation 2
The Legend of McAwesome
Part 1

[KC] Acorn Bullet r R P  H I S T O R Y
[OSAC] RP: Fur Problems
[OSAC] RP: Top Hat Top Cat

Commons RP | The Acorn Hat
Commons Story | Claw Maw [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

[KC] Acorn Bullet r F U N  F A C T S
  • They say that her journey to Safe Haven can be measured by the length of her fur, as well as what is inside of her tangles
  • Fuzzyrush has a tendency to play with beetles
  • Her fur might contain a variety of things, including but not limited to a live bird

[KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l O O C [KC] Acorn Bullet r [KC] Acorn Bullet l

[KC] Acorn Bullet r L I T E R A C Y - L E V E L S
Script: tick

Short response: tick

Mid-length response: tick

Good god why are we writing novels?: x tick

[KC] Acorn Bullet r R P - M E T H O D S
Skype: tick

Discord: tick

Notes: tick

Comments: x

Other: x

[KC] Acorn Bullet r A V A I L A B I L I T Y
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

[KC] Acorn Bullet r R P - S A M P L E
Source: OfStarsAndClans | RP | Top Hat Top Cat

The hum eased her in the slightest way, knowing another cat had a fondness for something like she described. However, her despondent mood prevailed. It was difficult to go back to thinking about her owners, her old family. She generally used her cheery outward expression to keep herself and those around her in light spirits.

 She looked over as Dreampool sat beside her. Having the presence was relieving, too. The two of them in company did more to bring up her mood a bit. At hearing his apology, Fuzzyrush looked over to Littlestep with a half-smile. “There’s no need to apologize. All is well. Thank you, though.” She took a breath. “The Calamity as you and the others call it… It was quite a force. Quite a while ago, and I remember every shred of detail.” She involuntarily shivered. “Enough negative thinking.”

 She froze as she felt the hat being placed on her head. The fit was comfortable, and the joy from the idea came back to her. She noticeable perked up, and her sad cloud dissipated away from her mind. It was like the hat pulled her from the past and into the present. The friendly faces around her, and the nice memories that she has recently made had her feeling better in no time at all. She was glad for the hat, and she was going to cherish every inch of it.

 She gazed between Dreampool and Littlestep, a smile spreading across her face. “I love it. I love it!” She began bouncing in her seated position, now as happy as she was when she first entered. “Thank you!” When she went to stand up, she felt a weight attached to her side, and her joyful eyes filled with panic as she looked down.

[KC] Acorn Bullet r C R E D I T S
Blank character sheet © Riveriia

Of Stars and Clans © Riveriia, PenguinEatsCarrots, Brayd-Gerard, and other members of the oSaC Admin Team

Fuzzyrush © DentistChicken
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