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Greyscale | Frozenkit's Fate by DentistChicken Greyscale | Frozenkit's Fate by DentistChicken
F A T E  C L U E

    Your Seeker senses aid you well, for you quickly double back and find Frozenkit's trail, lingering behind the rest of the patrol as it followed after them. You can quickly find the place where the trail cuts off, the tiny pawprints stopping abruptly as the kit was lifted into the air by some creature. Glancing off into the woods, you can see that others have already found the kit's body. He didn't make it.

    Your keen seeker senses spur you to follow the kit's trail back several dozen feet. For most of the journey, he had followed directly behind the patrol, but there is a short stretch where they veer off to the side. Looking at them carefully, it seems that the kit wandered elsewhere a few minutes before the patrol was ambushed. From the prints, you think that he stopped and stood for a moment, as though watching something. A few yards away, you can see the prints of another creature with cloven hoofs, like a hellion but somehow different from hellion tracks you're used to. The kit was watching... or speaking with... the creature before the attack happened, indicating that it hadn't been aggressive at the beginning. This all likely also happened out of eye or earshot of the patrol.

    She could feel the waterworks beginning to surface. Frozenkit was too young, she thought to herself.
    Fuzzyrush was well aware that the kit was dead, so sitting idly by was not on her list of things to do. When she discovered the path that the little thing had taken had veered off on a detour, she became curious. Upon discovering the tiny paw prints and the large hoof prints, she began to wonder about what had taken place for this to have happened. The sight was most unusual...
Riveriia Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Frozenkit's fate has been discovered to a further degree.

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