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Footler by DentistChicken Footler by DentistChicken

Footler | Amphibian | Neutral

    Footlers are amphibious creatures that dwell in freshwater sources. They have two pairs of eyes. Their blue eyes are used for normal sight, and their white ones sense heat like a thermal camera. Often considered to be a nuisance rather than an aggressive sort of creature, Footlers are known to steal belongings; however, they are very aggressive when one steals from them, be it something new or the item that was stolen.

    They don't know what to do with the items that their sticky fingers may grab, so they have large collections of items with no purpose to them. It is theorized that the Footlers with the largest piles are the ones with the most power.

Difficulty Rating

Rating Star [Half] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star 
Level Recommended: 5 - 15


Sticky Hands | Will Steal a Held Item from the player
Tongue Slap | Hits the player with their tongue. Deals 20 DMG
Spit | Spits a glob of sticky saliva at the player. Immobilizes the player for one turn.
Flee | Will run away if not forced stationary.

Dropped Items

Footler Tail
Footler Eye [Blue]
Footler Eye [White]
Silver Pocket-watch
Unrefined Amethyst
Unrefined Citrine
Unrefined Ruby
Unrefined Zircon
Unrefined Topaz
Unrefined Aquamarine
Unrefined Diamond
Unrefined Garnet
Unrefined Lapis Lazuli
Unrefined Sapphire
Unrefined Moonstone
Unrefined Onyx
Unrefined Alexandrite
Unrefined Emerald
Unrefined Jade
Unrefined Opal
Unrefined Spinel
Regular Wood
Recruitability: 50%
Time Most Prevalent:
Spring - Summer

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