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Floofle by DentistChicken Floofle by DentistChicken

Floofle | Rodent | Passive

   These small fluffy rodents are quite timid. When tamed, they bond to their owner and anyone their owner exposes them to and can be quite the friendly and sociable creature. They get along well with others of their species and are sociable with other smaller creatures.

   Their soft fur grows quickly and can be collected and spun into thread and yarn or used as stuffing for items such as pillows or plush toys. When used as yarn, any fabric made from it will be toasty warm and perfect for colder weather.

Difficulty Rating

Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star [Empty] Rating Star 
Level Recommended: 1-10
HP: 200


Flee | Will run away if not forced stationary
Bite | Deals 10-40 Damage

Dropped Items

Floofle Fur
Floofle Tail
Floofle Ear
Tamability: 25%
Time Most Prevalent: Autumn - Spring
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