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Fallcrest | Gosh Darn Thieves by DentistChicken Fallcrest | Gosh Darn Thieves by DentistChicken

     Dice had swiped a pocket watch from someone while she was in Neustadt. It was in her nature to steal.
     However, it wasn't to get stolen from.
     While perusing the scenery of the river just outside of the city, a Footler came out of the water and snuck up behind her, snatching her newly stolen watch. When she felt the unmistakable feeling of being pick-pocketed, Dice turned around and noticed, growing quite upset with the situation.
     Having had an exhausting day with her various attempts at thievery, she figured that she would try and reason with the Footler. Giving a good deal of reasoning and doing her best to persuade the Footler into joining her in stealing on far broader horizons, she attempts to recruit the Footler.

Dice attempts to Recruit the Footler.
She succeeds!

I took the background more seriously than the actual subjects of the image... oops
Admiral-M-10K Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Student
"Frubber"  the best name indeed.
I honestly thought the situation was going to result in Dice stabbing the Footler tbh ahahaha
When in doubt,STAB
DentistChicken Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, yes... the best name for the best follower
Dice isn't that cruel to non-human organisms... maybe
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