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Exploring a Grotto by DentistChicken Exploring a Grotto by DentistChicken
    Dice knew that, in all technicalities, she hadn't rescued a single mushroom. She was well aware that she wasn't the most heroic person in Trouvaille, but with her card tricks from before the fungi came under attack, she figured that perhaps one of the Glowy Mushrooms she had entertained would possibly let the location of this widely talked about grotto slip into her hands. Luckily enough for her, Dice was able to track down one of the ones she had entertained with her slight-of-hand, and she proposed an adventure to the glowing purple fungus.

    Their trek into the forest was met with no hesitation from the Glowy Mushroom. As far as the little guy was concerned, Dice was nice, and she should be allowed to share in the joys of the hidden grotto. Of course, there were still creatures lurking in the shadows of the trees, so they had to be careful. Dice did her best to avoid any and all monsters, but she had a close call with a Fall Hound after accidentally stepping onto its camouflaged tail. They managed to outrun the beast, but she only managed to stay inches away from its horns before stumbling into a group of closely placed trees, barring the Fall Hound from pursuing her and the mushroom any further. After the Hound begrudgingly left, the mushroom continued to guide her.

    The grotto she entered was much larger on the inside than it appeared to be on the outside. What made up the walls to the secret area were bramble branches, interwoven to let nothing pass through. Trees were spread in a ring, their canopy creating a roof over the various alcoves among the bramble wall that encircled the grotto, but left a space in the middle to let light shine over a pond in the center.

    I want to feel that water.

    Dice was stunned. It was beautiful. An echoing voice resounded through the Grotto warning her to not take too much, to not be greedy, blah, blah, blah. She didn't care about the rules. She was a thief, and she would take what she wanted when she wanted it. However, her desire to take things was minimal.

    The mushroom went on to charade that each person visits a different version of the same Grotto, but all items in this particular one are the same as all other versions of it. Dice appreciated the small gestures of explanation. She was disappointed that this Grotto didn't have alternating items, but she shrugged it off.

    She looked within the alcoves of the Grotto. The potion bottles were of no interest to her because they didn't come with an instruction manual on how to use them or what they do; for all she knew, it was simply water with some coloring. There were some lanterns, but she didn't find them necessary enough to take one. She opened a small pouch to find some gold. She hummed to herself, but put it back down. There were many different gemstones scattered about, and they were of varying sizes. She picked up a handful of them to examine them closer. She came to the conclusion that they might be worth more than the pouch of gold contained. She looked around and saw a silver pocket watch, but she doubted it would be worth as much as one of the gemstones.

    She tried to remember the color of the most expensive stone on the market, but she didn't know what it was. She knew that she could just take a handful of gems, but she wanted to keep this "nice" façade up with her small guiding companion, and that required following the rules as much as she hated doing it. She sat down on a lower ledge of one of the rocks in the alcoves and laid all of the gems out and closed her eyes. She waved her hand over the gems, and she stopped over the purple one. She scowled, knowing that the purple one wasn't very high on the list. She did, however, like the color, but she wasn't about to sacrifice worth for looks. She looked at her small companion and smiled. The purple Glowy Mushroom seemed disappointed that the purple gem was no longer in the lineup, but was still curious as to what Dice would do next. Dice looked over the gems and paused at the green gem.  She knew that the green one was a moderate pay day, more so than the deep blue one.

    She picked up the green gem and held it up in front of her companion. The Glowy Mushroom stared in awe at it. Dice held a hand in a fist formation under the one holding the gemstone, and she dropped the stone into the hand, but when she held up her fist and uncurled it, there was nothing in the hand. The Glowy Mushroom started jumping up and down excitedly. Dice pulled her hands back into her lap and smiled. She then lifted a hand and pointed a finger at her companion. The purple mushroom stopped jumping and waited in anticipation as Dice reached behind them. She brought her hand forward and revealed the green gemstone to the Glowy Mushroom. They were ecstatic.

    “Time to go.” Dice stood up and threw the gem she decided to take into her purple pouch. Her purple companion scrambled to grab the purple gemstone before jumping off the rock and into Dice’s hand. She paused and looked at the purple gem in the arms of the mushroom. “Hey, big echoey voice. If my companion takes something for themselves, is that alright?”

    There was no response.

    “I will take that as a yes.” Dice put the small mushroom on her shoulder, and it sat happily with the gem in its arms. She addressed it. “Look, little guy. That gem is yours. All yours. I am not getting pinned for being greedy.”

    The mushroom swayed back and forth with a smile.

I only meant for that to be a short description, but it turned into 998 words... Oops.
In short, Dice chose to go home from the Grotto with a green gemstone, and her traveling companion decided to take a purple gemstone for themself. When they parted ways, that purple gemstone stayed with the mushroom.

Artwork and Writing by DentistChicken

Admiral-M-10K Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Student
I love how you had an explanation for why Dice was able to get to the grotto despite not saving the mushrooms in "technicality".
This was an amazing read and well thought out :D
For the artwork itself, I love how they're relaxing with their feet in the cool water alongside their adorable mushroom pal~
DentistChicken Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I’m glad you enjoyed them, both the visual and the story!
I had realized I hadn’t been doing much in the group with my character, and since she’s a villain character, I figured that she’d weasle her way in somehow, haha!
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