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Edited Patience by DentistChicken Edited Patience by DentistChicken

The patience with which Dice stared at both coins on the table seemed almost to be too much for what she saw as a fleeting trick of the mind. However, it paid off just as she contemplated giving up. The coin on her left began to twitch, and then it revealed itself as a Treasure Mimic.
Pesky insect ate my gold. She had to keep herself from saying the words aloud so that she would not startle the creature as she continued to watch it.

She attempts to tame the critter.
{ She failed the roll to tame the Treasure Mimic. }

I love the treasure mimics, and a part of me was hoping to get the 10% chance of taming the darn thing. At least I got to test the system!

Dice and artwork (c) DentistChicken
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