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Art Progression 2013-2017 by DentistChicken Art Progression 2013-2017 by DentistChicken

The old Art Progression sheet I had posted was last updated for 2015 and it's not the start of 2018, so I figured I should add another two years onto it.
Quick Note: I no longer have any pieces from before 2015 in my official gallery; some older pieces are in my scraps.
What I typically do for this is have the images in this order:
Human | Building/Perspective | Something I liked | Non-Human Creature

2014 Summary | 2016 Summary


Vera | Sketch | Lucario | Old Arceus


Old DJ | Out of the Cave | Tenum | Chatot


Wizard | Washington National Cathedral | Street Sketch | Arceus


DJ Sketch | Church of St. Agnes | Gate Sketch | Wolf Sketch


Jaden | Shrine | Absolute Patience | Footler

Blank Art Progression Sheet

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