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The Bounty Hunter

By Denstarsk8
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This is awesome

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This is SO COOL!  Seriously awesome!
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I love your art work 
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Very good work :D
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Very cool and atmospheric. Like it.
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I'm glad that you like it 
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"It has been done."

The ancient shaman used his ivory tipped staff to pull himself slowly from his berth, waving Kasal away with a slow flick of his wrist.

Kasal sat unmoving among the tattered books and dusty idols that littered Takhasii's underground home, staring at the dark red cloak that hid the shaman's powerful body covered with battle scars and magic imbued symbols. 

"Takhasii...he's just a boy. Boys do irrational things," whispered the exhausted merchant.

Without turning, the shaman let out a long, winded sigh. 

"Kasal, you know that I cannot undo what has been done yes?"

Kasal dug deep inside him to hide his sadness. 

"I have heard that the contract is bound by ancient creed that cannot be undone...But you must know of a way."

"A way?" Snorted Takhasii. 

"I did not sign the contract with any intention of ever recalling my oath. The boy murdered those men protecting the caravan, and their families came to seek retribution. They gave us an offering and I accepted. It is over Kasal. There is no way to avoid fate."

A tear streamed down Kasal's face, dripping down onto the cold cavern floor. Many tears had watered this sacred ground before, all in exchange for nothing in return.

"You are too cruel Takhasii," croaked Kasal. 

Takhasii turned and stood to his full height, his head brushing against the charms that hung above, rattling bones, gems, wood, and ancient metals against each other.

His movement seemed to darken the room, and as the charms came to rest, a cruel silence wrapped itself around Kasal's neck.

"I don't have the patience for this," said Takhasii sternly.

For a split second, Kasal thought he caught a glimpse of regret slip from Takhasii's weathered, lined face.

"There is nothing even I can do now that The Hunter has been summoned."

The shaman turned and waved the merchant away with the same flicker of the wrist, hurling aside the beaded decorations that hid the rest of his lair to the side as he floated into the darkness.
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Can someone make this 1920 x 1080
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This just looks awesome.
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Wild west and horror! Very impressive!^^
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You're welcome! :D
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