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July 29, 2021
Artoria Pendragon | Fate Stay Night by DenpunPhotography
Featured by pullingcandy
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Artoria Pendragon | Fate Stay Night


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Eris as Artoria Pendragon from Fate/Stay Night
Photo by me

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xrayden's avatar

Love the background. Cosplayer really fits the character.

81Scorp's avatar

I love her outfit.

(Note to self: steal her outfit.)

DenpunPhotography's avatar

Haha, you can try, but this won't be easy to steal armor of King of Knights <3

Ozzymodan's avatar

Beautiful, and strong! c:

DenpunPhotography's avatar

Thank you all for such wonderful comments! I'm really glad you appreciate my work as a photographer. I would be very grateful if you give that much love to a cosplayer:

All hail the King of Knights!!!

LindArtz's avatar

Fantastic!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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MirisArt's avatar

lovely cosplay^^ also a nice setting

GudServo's avatar

I wish people stop cosplaying Saber(Arthuria) cause she is like my most most most favorite, But Not you, you should definitely keep doing it cuase you have captured the essence of her personality and that is what cosplaying is all about. Capturing the essence of character. Costumes, Make up people hardly mess up on that what most people mess up on is the Photo composition and model not cathcing the esence of character

Composition is about title , background, pose, angel etc and you have checked all the boxes in this photo great job. As a photographer u deserve standing ovation for this

Also model has done a great job by cathing the essence of Saber Charcater, expressions are not too hard and yet not girl or soft. Convery my best of regards to her

All in all a very good cosplay

DenpunPhotography's avatar

Thank you!!! <3

This is the best comment I could get. I'm glad my work is so appreciated. I'm often unsure of my work and I'm not happy with my skills.

And Artoria is also one of my favorite characters, I love her design, personality, chivalry and how strong and well written character she is <3

GudServo's avatar

You deserve all the applause for this my friend so no thanks needed.

Yea I have like the biggest crush on her lol she is just amazing but you should also check out saber of Red from Fate/Apocrypha its Modered and Im sure you will like her a lot as well not as much as Artoria but she is not far behind in second place ... loved her

Anyways once again , great job with this work , I throughly enjoyed it so thank you for pulling this off so nicely and keep it up and yea sorry one last thing I dont use insta so I cant personally thank and praise the model will you be kind enough to do it in my place mentioning my name too

Take care and keep it up

DenpunPhotography's avatar

Mordred is my fav character too, I'm a huge fan of Fate series^^ Unfortunately I haven't met any Mordred cosplayer in my country yet ( I dream of taking some photos of this character <3)

I'm happy to convey your kind words to the cosplayer, have a nice day^^

Ifarisa's avatar

Wspaniały cosplay :heart:

DenpunPhotography's avatar

Tak, cosplayerka odwaliła kawał dobrej roboty^^

DjNayNay's avatar
Yooo this is so accurate 🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hirushimaru's avatar

Wow you're pretty and badass

Kyouken0w0's avatar
Hyrulean-Magister's avatar

Love the background and that is a beautiful Saber!

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