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"No…This cannot be!", the voice echoed through what seemed to be an endless void. I stood alone. My friends were gone. "H-Hetaera? Catfish?...Dwarfshak? Guys, where are you? Shrakk, Narsus, Hroggek, Heskan? ANYBODY?" , I started to cry. I could handle mindflayers, and dragons sure. But not being alone with that voice. It could get into my mind…it could compel me. And now it was just I, alone, surrounded by darkness.

"It's all over Zetkin. You're done." the voice spoke again. Was I really dead? Was that why everyone was gone? "A-am I really dead?"  I called out into the emptiness. "Succumb to your imminent doom. There is nothing left for you." This was really it. I was actually done for. "What happens now then?" I asked. Even if this was in fact the voice that had tortured me for years, it was all I had. "You give yourself over and accept your fate." He ended in a laugh. I had never felt so hopeless in my life. Everything was gone. My father, my best friend Torinn, Balasar, Norryn, the brotherhood, Sir Dunnigan,  Sigundus, Locke, the mom and dad I never knew. I looked to the ground. "Alright. I give u…" "Wait! Zetkin!" My eyes darted upwards to see the figure, hand of Vecna at his side. The face though, was the same sorrowful one that I had seen before. The clean and normal hand reached towards me. "Zetkin, it's not over yet. You can do it, I believe in you." His arm seemed to be beckoning me to him. "W-what?" Nothing was making sense anymore. "Zetkin ,please, you can make it through this." I cautiously began to walk on the invisible floor towards the man. "Please don't die." The voice was starting to sound different. It was familiar…

"I can live? I'm not dead?" I could live…I could live! I could be back with my family…with my friends! "I'm going to do it!" The light within me had reignited. The desire to live and fight was back and ready. "No! Die Zetkin! You are worthless!" the evil voice spoke up. "Zetkin, I'm here, you can trust me." said the familiar voice. "You can shove off you damned voice! I'm going to live!" and with that I grabbed the hand extended towards me.

My eyes opened slowly but I noticed that I appeared to be in a beautiful room, on a bed. My hand was being held by something. I blinked and looked down and saw a sawed-down horn, it's better-shapen twin parallel to it. I blinked a few more times and realized it was Locke. "L-Locke?"  His eyes darted to my own with a look of shock. "Zetkin! You're alive!"…

Locke was surprised to say the least. It was a relief to have him by my side. I thanked Avandra for leading me here. I had apparently been found on the shore of Ashenport by Severus, Locke's best friend. Locke had sent Sev out to look for the Brotherhood when he noticed my letters had stopped coming. I had been unconscious for a bit over a week. In return, I informed him of the cult of Daigon and the kraken that we had fought. "How are the rest of my friends doing?" I asked.  Locke's head turned downward as he broke the news to me. I was alone on the beach. Sir Dunnigan was the only one left. The rest of my party was gone. The brotherhood had been dismantled.

It only took a couple days for me to be back on my feet. If it were up to me I would have been up that night but Locke insisted I rest for at least a day. We talked during this time about what I was to do now. He said he could arrange transportation back to my hometown of Soranton, or to Pram's Reach or to wherever I wanted to go. I rejected his offer though. He was surprised, but I told him I wanted to stay in The Opal City.  I felt I had a purpose here. There had to be some reason for me to end up in this city.

After a few weeks I was ready for action again and Locke decided to make me a General of the Opal City along with Severus and a few others. It felt great to have comrades again, almost like I was a part of another party.  I took care of the survivors of Chimera, the creatures of the Malfian jungle and of course the citizens of the Opal City. It was around this time we began hearing news of a powerful kingdom nearby that was enslaving creatures of the fey. This greatly unsettled me but we could do nothing until further proof existed.

I proposed an idea to Locke that we could possibly start construction on a new Chimera. Since Locke now controlled the land where Sigundis once ruled, we could do that. He was thrilled about the idea especially because the survivors would now have a place to go back to. Locke and I began planning every night after dinner and had a full arrangement by the end of the month along with a good friendship. Spending all this time with the king eased the sadness of losing my friends. I didn't know if they were alive or dead or where they were. I just hoped that they were safe.

Now, it was around this time that I began to fancy the king. It was terrible and inappropriate, but I couldn't help it. He had gladly taken me into his home and provided for me when I had nothing.  This was a kind of chivalry I had not experienced before. I was confused, afraid and I did not know what to do.

It did not help matters that the torturous voice had begun to mock and tease me. He told me I was not good enough to be with a king. My efforts were apparently worthless according to him and I should just lay down and give up. Yeah right. I tried to ignore him and I would not give up. In fact, I was going to try and give him a taste of his own medicine. Ava, a psion and fellow General, told me she would teach me to ritual cast, so I could now scry on my "friend".  

A few months had passed and the Generals, Locke and I felt like one big family. We were there for each other and we worked well together. I was happy and finally at peace with the fact that I may never see my old friends again. I had to be strong. Locke and I had finished the plans for the new Chimera and had grown a lot closer during this time. I liked the tiefling king a lot at this point but made no indication of it towards him. It wouldn't be right. Anyways…now that the plan was finished Locke suggested that we find another General to join and help us in creating the city and I had the perfect candidate.

My childhood friend Torinn, made himself right at home in the Opal City. He was happy to expand his horizons beyond Soranton, especially alongside his ole' friend Zetkin.  Life was only getting better it seemed. My best friend was with me again, I was working for a handsome king, and I was becoming a paragon of justice in the Northern kingdoms. The voice still wasn't letting up though, and neither were my feelings for Locke.

There was one night where everything changed. I was troubled and decided to go for a walk around the garden of the castle to mull things over. I had been attempting to get over Locke and face the fact that pursuing a relationship with him was not a good idea. Oddly enough, I found myself singing quietly to no one as a sort of way to cope. I found my way to the fountain in the middle of the garden and laid myself down on the edge of it as I closed my eyes. A pair of hands rested over my eyes soon after. I recognized the touch but I sat up nonetheless. Just as expected, Locke was sitting there next to me. He had apparently heard me singing. I blushed like a fool. Of course he had overheard me singing about being in love but not having the will to say it. And of course he had to bring it up.

"So, who were ya singing about?"he inquired.
"N-no one! I was just…yeah…"I lied. He laughed.
"Now come on, no one just busts out into song like that for no reason, Zet."
"Uh..hehe, yeah…hey! I should probably be getting back to my room…"
"Alright, I'll walk you since I'm just a few doors down."
We began to walk and he started to hum the song I had been singing while unknowingly being watched.
"Okay, you don't need to make fun of me!" I laughed. We had reached my door.
"You know, I still owe you for saving my life." My hand had been reaching for the doorknob but it was now frozen in place. I turned around.
"Oh please. You have done more than enough for me Locke." I patted him on the shoulder.
He took my hand and looked me in the eyes. We stood there silent. His face grew nearer and nearer…and then…

I'll spare you the details. Long story short, the wedding was about two months later and it was wonderful. He had apparently liked me for a while now, go figure. The people of the Opal City, Chimera and the malfian jungle, along with my father, William Ranesford, Norryn Silvermoon, Connery Greenwell, One Horn, and a few others, attended. I had invited Balasaar, but he was unable to make it. Well anyways, Locke Ravenwood was now married to Limhala Bharash (my real name). Zetkin Ravenwood was the new queen of the Opal City.

We had learned more about the nearby slave kingdom. There was a group of three human kings who loathed monster and fey races. They had decided to capture any that appeared in their kingdom to enslave them or sometimes worse, kill them. This was not okay. I talked it over with Locke, and we decided that we would travel over there and see what was going on/try to stop it.
The city was called Prymont and when we arrived it seemed like those three human kings were the only humans in the entire place. Fey creatures and monsters of the like filled the city, none of them looking above a peasant's level. It seemed the humans of the city lived in royalty while the fey did most of the work. Not. Okay. The kings agreed to meet with me and me only as I had at least half human in me, compared to Locke and Torinn. The negotiations…didn't go well to say the least. They of course objected to letting the slaves go and I of course objected to their objection. The problem for them though, was that my objection came with my army, who I called in, to take over the city. It was a pretty intense battle but the kings were all dealt with in the end…

Prymont was now a city to be run freely by the abolished fey creatures. They were very happy for my coming and told me I was their savior. I told them that it was not I who was their savior, but Avandra.

We returned to the Opal City victorious with another free kingdom on the earth. I knew Avandra was smiling down upon me. New Chimera was coming along fantastically. The soldiers who had fought in the war were more than happy to build the new city. It won't be completely finished for a while, but it is about halfway done. A new home for the survivors will be ready soon.  A home for Sigundis to come back to someday, hopefully.

So here I am today. Married to the love of my life for almost a year now, queen of the Opal City, rebuilding Chimera, freeing a city, controlling armies with some of the best people I have ever known. I know it won't last long, though. My voice tells me so. It also plagues me with nightmares about the hand of Vecna. I have become overly paranoid, but Locke calms me. I know he loves me and that's all I need. Even with all the good and little bad going on in my life. I find myself missing my old friends. Hetaera, the Dwarfshak, Catfish, Heskan, Shrakk, Hroggek and Narus. I miss them all. Maybe I will see them again someday. But if I don't, may Avandra meet them, and freedom guide their path.

With Love,
Zetkin Ravenwood
ok i only put this up here because i didnt want to take up the whole freakin page on obsidian portal.....

i once again apologize for the amount of text there is.
and for the fact that it is oh so poorly written....

here it is

how Zetkin became a justiciar and all the other things she did while she was away...
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