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Slip 'n' Slide 3 of 3

By dennyhooves
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Translation of a comic of the official German My Little Pony magazine.

Translation: Me
Lettering: fallenpenguin
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Argh! Humanlike poses! Do not want!
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They should be saved for Lyra.
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those are some odd poses...
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On the first picture it looks like they r saying Rr: What do u need that fabric for? Others: Yay! TS: We r going to build a huge waterslide to the lake! Thats weird...
ScabbingETERNITY's avatar might work as a preschool picture book...but thats about it.
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1: That is clearly not how horse legs work.
2: What the guy before me said.
3: It's Celestiadamn FABRIC. Water doesn't work like that.
4: Twilight couldn't just... y'know... teleport ponies to the lake.
5: Ponies control weather, therefore heat waves don't happen. There's no 'Oops we forgot to us up all the heat this month, better have a heat wave.'
6: Ew that art.
7: "but together we can do it" 1/3 ponies are working.
8: Them knots are clearly not rock solid, look at how she tied that

That's just THIS PAGE. Have some qualifying examples.

9: They smile when they're not happy
10: "Do ya have some water for us..."-AJ "Of course!"-FS "But the lake's too far away." -AJ (Might just be a translation error.)
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Okay, let me get this straight.
So the lake is really far away.
So Twilight has an idea how to get there faster.
And the idea is to build a huge waterslide to the lake.
HNNNGGGGGGEEEEEIT MAKES ERFECT SENSE! *bangs head against wall repeatedly*
How can they have a HEAT WAVE when they have CONTROL OVER THE WEATHER anyway? *breaks wall with head and smashes resulting rubble to dust*
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How can they screw it up so badly? It's a good thing that the makers of the comic don't work on the show. This is like...previous gen tier.
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Now they're sitting like humans?
Lyra must be German.
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That... makes about as much sense as the comic.
I blame the comic. It must have temporarily softened your brain tissue.
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Why are the official comics so much lamer then the fan ones?

And if they had to go all the way to the lake to set up the slide.....doesn't this defeat the purpose?

I'm just going to claim that this is some alternate dimension's MLP:FiM comic, and a temporal tear happened to dump it in Germany, wherein greedy people made copies to make money.
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It's a dreadful hallucination brought on by demons that Celestia is being forced to suffer through. Notice how expressions do not change throughout the comic?
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*le gasp!* You're right! But never fear! The power REAL power of friendship will see her through!
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So they drag the fabric to the lake... so they can then walk back so they don't have to walk to the lake?
I'm not following this comic, i don't get why they didn't just walk...
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I thank you for doing the translations. Nice to see what Pony products are out in other parts of the world.

But I gotta ask: WHAT THE HELL IS WITH RARITY'S EYES? Look at her when she's moving the fabric!
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Lets do this! Yay...
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This art is outrageous, trully trully outrageous...

Also, how is that easier than walk?
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EQUESTRIAAAAAAA! :iconfluttershylovemeplz:
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If they just built a waterslide to the lake would they not need to be at the lake in the first place to build the waterslide to it?
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Dumb germans.. :| LOOK at the way they're sitting!! PONIES DON'T SIT LIKE THAT! ...
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Thanks for insulting me, you inconsiderate jerk! Just because the guys at Hasbro fail doesn't mean germans are stupid, you know? ò_ó
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Ask Lyra. <w<
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well.. lyra's posture is better than these.. abominations... Her hind leg is still equine and not ugh.. a bend cylinder.
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