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Zebrine Overosaurus



First Overosaurus on DeviantArt! Used the paper's silhouette as a reference. I had to do a full-striped one and I think that a zebra-sauropod is not so speculative at the end! :D
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Canon MG3200 series
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For starters, I like the mix of "extra" features the comb and the zebra-like stripes. Both of these features could very well be realistic on herding dinosaurs. It strikes impressive because you chose to do a sauropod. The reason why is that you don't too many wild color patterns for these giants and it's great to see something fresh. On scientific accuracy you've hit home, and the protofeathers running along the backside are a nice touch too. Overall, the dinosaur is very much artistically alive and very creative approach to paleoart on your part. On artistic technique, the subject itself I have no suggestions. I do recommend a simple background to help the animal stand out more by eliminating the negative space around it.

Over all, this is a great piece of work, and I enjoy looking at it. Awesome job!